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Nov 10, 2009 09:34 AM

Help! Term for politically/socially-motivated responsible carnivore?

Used to be two choices: vegetarian or carnivore. I've been both.

Now, what I am seems to be a carnivore with a conscience. I eat meat sparingly, thoughtfully. Don't order it out unless its provenance is listed. Buy organic or humanely-raised. But I also oblige my inner-Texan-raised-on beef-lovin' inner child. So what's the term for us?

Seems to me, if we join up with the vegetarians and vegans-- there's lots more clout. Imagine a chain like Chili's sales of meat go down while revenue stays steady!

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    1. As long as there's a dead animal involved, you're a carnivore. Sorry. But thanks for the ethics.

      1. Why should one have to apologize or feel guilty because one is a meatitarian??

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. A carnivore eats only meat. A herbivore eats only plant matter. An omnivore eats meat and plant matter.

            A label is a just a name; it does not define who you are. If you must, call yourself an multi-cultural omnivore, and let everyone else sort out what it means to them.

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              Thank you for the correction. Just being an omnivore feels better.