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Nov 10, 2009 09:17 AM

looking for AYCE Sushi place in Calgary

We used to go to Sumo's for the AYCE but they've renovated and moved away from that concept

So just wondering if anyone has been to an AYCE sushi place that is good. We also know of the Sushi BBQ inn on the 16th but we didn't quite like it.

Any tips?

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  1. My husband swears by the Sushi Ichiban on Macleod Trail S. He's a big fan of the ginger chicken there as well as the rolls.

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      The buffet is $23 for Mon- Thurs and $26 for the weekend. It's half price for children 3-9 years old.

      The food was mediocre ie heavily battered greasy tempura, cloudy salty miso soup to ok maki rolls ie dynamite but what really turned me off was the personal hygiene of the chefs. The chefs are at the back of the resturant and you can see them from the tables if you are facing them. One chef was rubbing and picking his nose while reading a magazine and the other was actually picking his teeth with a toothpick. This is done between orders. That grossed me out way too much.

    2. Apparently there's a second location of Sushi Ichiban off Bow Tr behind Jubiliations. I've heard that one's better but I haven't tried it myself. Also, there is AYCE at SUshi Tokyo in Chinatown (corner of 4thAve and Centre St). I couldn't vouch for quality at these places because I don't do AYCE. My favourite sushi places are Wa's and Zipang. I've eaten off the regular menu at these AYCE places but I didn't enjoy them. I know it's not fair to compare AYCE places to the traditional authentic places... so perhaps you can check them out to see if it's to your liking.

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        havent been to wa's but love zipangs too

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          Sushi Tokyo is not very good. (assuming that's the restaurant you're talking about on Centre St & 4th Ave). Tiny, dry pieces of fish.

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            I believe Sushi Tokyo has changed owners... 5 of us were there about a month ago and the staff and decor had changed. And the service was very slow. I don't be back there for a while.

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              The one behind Jubilations is good. I have eaten there several times.

            2. Kinjo on Macleod has AYCE. It's not the best restaurant, but not terrible.

              1. I'm curious what people see in AYCE sushi. I've been a couple of times but I've found it's always been pricier than all the sushi I wanted to eat at a regular sushi place. I think I have a pretty healthy appetite. Am I missing something?

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                  I usually do AYCE with friends who want a lot of non-sushi items like teriyaki, gyoza, etc.

                2. ok thanks everyone

                  It's not a matter eating as much as possible but having a choice. You can try different things in a buffet and have more of what you like. :D