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Nov 10, 2009 08:26 AM

Vinegar in roasted potatoes?

So, I was preparing a foil packet of potatoes, garlic, onions and rosemary to roast. I mistook a bottle of white wine vinegar for olive oil and dumped a couple of splashes in . After realizing my error, I rinsed the vinegar off the potatoes, then added olive oil as I'd originally intended. Throughout the roasting, I could smell the vinegar, though only a trace was left.

In the end, these potatoes turned out fantastic. Maybe the best roasted potatoes I've ever done.

Is this just a coincidence (maybe we just had some really great potatoes) or is vinegar a good addition to roasted potatoes? If the latter, how much would one normally add? (I'm assuming there's a less wasteful approach than pour on, rinse off...)

Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts.


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  1. think of it like potatoe salad withn a vinaigrette instead of a mayo dressing, ya know? same concept.

    i add vinegar to roasted potatoes A LOT. i love the mix of smooth on the inside, crunchy exterior and tangy flavor.

    i don't have a recipe, but i never rinse it off, lol. sometimes i boil them, then put in a baking dish with a mix of chicken stock and vinegar, some parsley. cook til the liquid evaporates. sometimes i'll toss them with oil and vinegar and roast. if not vinegar, lemon juice works well too.

    1. I do a similar version, roasting potatoes, bacon & onion (sometimes thyme). My daughter always adds red wine vinegar to hers. Making it an easy (ok ok not authentic) version of Hot German Potato Salad.
      I have thought about adding vinegar while roasting and this is what i would do. While my potatoes are parboiling, I would cook the bacon & onion in the oven (cut in small pieces). I don't cook the bacon all the way crisp, just a little head start so everything gets done at once. Once the potatoes have drained, I would add vinegar to the bacon drippings in the pan, along with garlic powder, salt & pepper. Then I would add the potatoes and toss/stir to coat. Then, I'd roast them until nicely browned, flipping them a couple of times to keep them cooking evenly. When I take them out of the oven, I would taste and add a couple splashes of vinegar and seasonings to freshen up the flavor.

      I don't really measure, but I think 3-4 good slashes would do it. Use less if you don't want it too strong, more if you love vinegar. You could even leave it out of the roasting phase and just splash some on after they're done coooking. Play around with it. It's easy to make extra of the regular kind and set some aside for testing purposes.
      When I have leftovers (which is rare), I heat them up the next day and make a frittata. Served with some salsa and a salad, it's a great quick meal

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        i roast my spuds til they are quite crisp on the outside, so don't like tossing them with liquid after. it doesn't really penetrate and affects the texture in a way i don't like.

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          I've been roasting my sweet potatoes with a garlic, rosemary, hot pepper flakes, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar- they come out great!

      2. I make a kind of potato salad thing where I roast baby potatores on the grill. When cool, cut them up and mix with rosemary, garlic powder, chives, salt, pepper, olive oil, grated sheese and a dash or two of balsamic vinegar.

        1. I have often made red potatoes with lemon (fresh squeeze lemon) and rosemary, baked and add dots of butter, then lie the lemon slices over the potatoes.

          Another dish is one that I learned from a Portugese friend. Red wine vinegar over potatoes boiled with lots of fresh parsley (a large handfull chopped) and then drain, add olive oil, sea salt, fresh ground pepper and red wine vinegar. I LOVE This dish.
          I can imagine that your roasted potatoes are excellent!

          1. I just made a one pan roast of chicken legs, unpeeled garlic cloves, red onion, red potatoe, thyme sprigs and lemon, then put a balsamic vinaigrette over it. It was delicious. Normally I would just dress it with olive oil, s&p, but the vinegar was a lovely addition. Definitely a keeper, the whole family enjoyed it!