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Need private dining room recommendation in San Diego on 5th Ave.

Hello All,
I am planning a party for 30-40 people and will need a place VERY close to the Marriott on 5th Ave. I have gotten a few recommendations from the Marriott but wanted to know what my friends on Chowhound think. .

Here are the places that were recommended:
Lou & Mickeys at the Gaslamp
Osteria Panevion

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Are you looking for something great or just something that will work?

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      Well...how about both? Of course it needs to accommodate our group but I want something fabulous, if at all possible!


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        If you want something great, I would not go to any of the marriots suggestions.

        I need to think a little more for something great.

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          I think Jsix would be the best choice that is very close.

          Only question, I don't know is if they have a private room.

    2. You might want to check out Roys.

      1. Does Jsix have a private room? They are doing some pretty darn good food. You also may want to check out the Roy's, the food is consistently above average and some of the time can be great.

        1. Do you have a budget? Does the party need to be fancy, business-oriented or can it be something more casual?

          I'm asking because my thoughts wandered towards asking Neighborhood if you can rent out the restaurant for the night (it'll fit 30-40 snugly) and having a great dinner of good burgers and craft beers.

          1. skip Lou and Mickey's. My s.o. ended up there for a biz meeting and was embarrassed that the host chose that place for a high-level gathering.

            Donovan's is your best bet on your list. The UTC location does a great job for large dinner meetings.

            Lou and Mickey's
            224 5th Ave, San Diego, CA 92101

            1. If you are up for something close but not walking distance from Gaslamp then I would go with Bertrand at Mister A's. Very good classical food, and the views will amaze the guests.

              Mister A's Restaurant
              2550 5th Ave, San Diego, CA 92103

              1. I live in that neighborhood. Your criteria (30-40, VERY close to Marriott on 5th) would eliminate any real special cuisine, but I expect you already knew that.

                Chianti / Osteria Panevino: competent Italian but I think you'd have to buy out either place.

                Lou & Mickey's: agree it's a pass

                Roy's: I like the food and atmosphere there but it's got to be a pass because it's simply not VERY close to your hotel; a 10 minute walk, including crossing busy Harbor Dr.

                Jsix: Good choice IF they can accomodate your size

                Bertrand @ Mr. A's: too far, probably too expensive and fancy for that size group

                There are several chain steak houses that qualify: Donovan's, Flemings and Palm, Morton's. Of those I like Flemings best. Their private room may be too small, though.

                McCormick & Schmick's: Seafood, of course, but also meat. Another chain, but they do have an upstairs dining area that could accomodate 35-40; the setting is sleek and upscale.

                Osteria Panevino
                722 5th Ave, San Diego, CA 92101

                1. Donovan's would be a great choice..they have the Mezzanine room that accommodates up to 42 people..
                  Jsix is another great suggestion at the Hotel Solamar..
                  McCormicks & Schmicks at the Omni upstairs might work...not enclosed but private.
                  Maybe the US Grant Hotel, Hilton Bayfront or the Ivy Hotel..

                  1. I vote for JSix. They are located in a hotel and might be more accustomed to accommodating a large party. The food AND service are solid.

                    Bertrand's has a great view, blah blah blah, but the food is grossly overrated.

                    I don't know of anyone mentioned Morton's, they are expensive, but wonderful.

                    JSix Restaurant
                    616 J Street, San Diego, CA 92101

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                      Yeah, I was going to say Morton's over Donovans.