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Nov 10, 2009 08:09 AM

Recommendations for immersion blenders?

I'm looking for an immersion blender that I can use for soups but also for smoothies (this would probably be my main use) that would use frozen fruits. Any recommendations?

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  1. I am on the same boat as you and been doing some research on this. The kitchenaid khb300 is on the top of my list and been waiting for a price drop. Its about $80 at the moment.
    If anyone would kindly share any expereinced in this model or any others, we would appreciate it!

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      I have the Kitchenaid, picked it up at the Kitchen Store at the outlet mall. I can't remember, but seems like it was about $60, but mine didn't come with the whip attachment either.

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          It works fine.. but I don't have any other brand to compare it to. :)

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        You can get the KBH100 for around $40-$50. It is exactly the same immersion blender, just doesn't include the whisk or mini chopper. If you don't need those attachments just get the 100 and save to $30.

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          I have that one and it works very well. The dial for adjusting speed is easy to use.

          But I think the differences between the brands is slight.

        2. I was given a Bamix a few years ago. It has been solid.

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            Agreed Bamix is the best for home and light commercial use.

          2. I have the Cuisinart; I think it's what Cook's Illustrated recommended. I love it. It comes with a variety of attachments, one of which is perfect for smoothies. I don't make them often myself, but in general I've been incredibly happy with its performance as a mini food processor, soup blender, high-powered whisk, etc. It's not cheap, about $90 in Bed Bath and Beyond, but you can usually get a 20% off coupon there, which helps. Maybe you can find it cheaper elsewhere. I'd recommend it.

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            1. Just checked on the price of my Cuisinart -- it's a few years old and I was remembering wrong (or it came down in price). Bed Bath and Beyond has it for $50, half the price of the KA with all the attachments, and that's before any sale/coupon.

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                I also have a Cuisinart hand blender... paid about $50 for it at the Williams Sonoma outlet last Christmas. Best part is the stainless steel body---you can use it in hot liquid. For regular home use this has worked very well.

            2. I would recommend one which can be separated for cleaning and is made of SS where it contacts the food. The plastic ones pick up flavors especially if you use it in both hot and cold.

              I have the Braun MR 5550 but I've had it a few years so it's probably been replaced by a newer model. I got it at BB&B for about $100. 400w - very powerful. Mine came with a bunch of accessories including a nice polycarbonate pitcher with silicone seal cover. Great for OJ, etc.

              Update: Just saw it on kitchen_dot_com for $50 (Thanksgiving Day special)