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Nov 10, 2009 07:11 AM

Catalina Island-Need Recs Near Avalon

I'm going to Catalina for the first time and am looking for a few places that are good for breakfasts and dinners. Hopefully nothing too pricey and can still satisfy the foodie in me.

Thanks in advance for all of your help!!

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  1. The thing about Avalon is pretty much every place is a tourist trap. You're not going to find anything outstanding, but there are a few places that will at least serve quality food while not overly gouging you on the price.
    For breakfast, try Sally's Waffle Shop. It is on the waterfront walkway just before you get to the pier. The waffles are always good and you get your typical diner breakfast. If you like chorizo, make sure to get "Juan's Favorite" chorizo scramble.
    For dinner, I highly recommend the Buffalo Nickel. Its not in town, but rather out at Pebbly Beach next to the heliport. I think they still have a free shuttle. A rather eclectic menu of American food, pizza and mexican food. Nothing special, just good food, that isn't touristy overpriced. This is the place you'll find most of the locals at, plus they make some pretty decent drinks at the bar.
    For lunch, another good place is Coney Island West. They have pretty decent burgers and you can enjoy some good people watching.
    Antonio's (the one on the waterfront) is fun and always a good time, but their food is just plain average. The service can be good if its a slow night or painful if they're slammed.
    If I think of anymore, I'll post them ... my grandparent live full time and my parents live part time on the island, so I'll ask them as well.

    Coney Island West
    205 Crescent Ave, Avalon, CA 90704

    Buffalo Nickel Restaurant
    Pebbly Beach Rd, Avalon, CA 90704

    1. LA kings fan covered some good places..we have a mooring in Avalon and it doesn't get any better than Avalon during the summer on the boat!
      A lot of places close up for the winter but I really like Eric's at the pier..hamburger with beer and fries is a great place to people watch.
      Catalina Country Club has some decent food and a good cocktails.
      Descanso Beach is always a good time past the Casino for buffalo milks and decent food.
      Inn at Mt. Ida.. the old Wrigley estate is for guests only...they have great food.
      Sally's Waffle or the Busy Bee for breakfast..
      Marlin Club is my all time favorite dive's a must when in Avalon!
      El Galleon or Armstrongs Seafood would be my choices..
      Have a great time!

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        I'll second the Country Club as well, especially lunch in the bar.
        Another option would be Armstrongs for dinner, which is next to the Busy Bee. They have good fresh fish, although it is not fine dining.
        I personally don't care for the Marlin, my favorite bar is JL's locker room, next to the the original Antonio's. They don't have food, but they have plenty of pool tables, tv's and stiff drinks, another local's hang out.

      2. Steves Steakhouse would be a great choice - upstairs, overlooking the main beach. Try and reserve a window table.

        1. Has anyone been here recently and have any suggestions? I'm going this weekend for some scuba training and would love some lunch rec's. It doesn't have to be fancy.

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            Eric's at the pier
            Luau Larry's