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Nov 10, 2009 07:07 AM

powdered milk available?

I was recently told that carnation has ceased production of powdered milk. i have not been able to find anything definitive on the web about this except obscure references that indicate it is not available till the end of the year a the earliest. that was the only brand most stores sold (at least here in Honolulu), I have not found powdered milk in a couple of months. As someone who never drinks milk, and rarely cooks with it, having powdered in my pantry always came in handy.

Does anyone have any information on this?

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  1. Seems supermarket carries a couple brands of nonfat dry milk, and the Asian grocery stores I frequent still sell KLIM (a dry whole milk product).

    1. Seems like the state of Alaska alone could keep them in business!

      1. finally negotiated the website. found the following

        Looking for CARNATION® Nonfat Dry Milk?

        We want you to know why CARNATION® Nonfat Dry Milk is no longer available in stores. We are in the process of moving to a new manufacturing facility, which has taken longer then expected. This has caused a temporary shortage of product. We apologize for the inconvenience and know it is frustrating when you can't find your favorite product. Please rest assured that we will be producing Nonfat Dry Milk again in 2010. We will continue to keep this site updated with the latest information. In the mean time, you may want to try CARNATION® Evaporated Milk; it adds extra creaminess and a richer flavor to your favorite recipes. It too is an easy one-for-one milk substitution.