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Nov 10, 2009 06:28 AM

Kozue: Nishi-Shinjuku Reviews?

We are in Tokyo for a day in December, and are trying to decide if we want to go to the Molecular Tapas bar in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, or go for a full on Japanese meal, and read about Kozue: Nishi-Shinjuku at the Park Hyatt hotel. Any thoughts on this restaurant?

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  1. I went to Kozue for Christmas dinner this past year and thought it was pretty good value for the money. Kozue is one of those places that offers a total package in terms of service, food, and atmosphere. None of it absolutely mind blowing but all of it very solid and let's face it, you really can't beat that view. The Tora Fugu Sashimi there is very good as it's one of chef Kenichiro Ooe's specialties.

    Kozue and TMB are two different experiences altogether. Kozue being Ooe's take on Kaiseki and TMB being a take on Molecular Gastronomy. Guess it kind of boils down to what you feel like eating. I will say this however, Kozue is more of a regular dining experience with regards to overall atmosphere and style of service. TMB is more like a show they're putting on for you and requires a bit more of the diners attention to the chef's in front of you.

    You can check out my meal at Kozue here for reference:

    And Tapas Molecular Bar:

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      Hello, I'm sort of new to Chowhound, so I hope it's ok for me to ask your a question here...
      I have been following this thread, as I'm interested in Kozue when we visit Tokyo next year. Could you tell me if Kozue always has Fugu available on the menu (lunch and dinner)? Is it part of their "kaiseki" set or is it available a la carte?

      Thank you!

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        I'm not 100% sure if it's always on the menu but I would assume so. If not, their best season is in the winter when they fatten themselves up to survive the colder temperatures.

        You had it as part of a Kaiseki meal but you can order it a la carte as well. You can also do a whole Fugu course there as well. Not sure if you can get it for lunch.

        You can always call or email the restaurant or reservationist and ask them. It's a world class hotel so they do speak english there.

    2. I would lean towards having the traditional Japanese cuisine at Kozue. Chef Oe of Kozue is a talented chef and the courses are served on gorgeous vessels. Top-notch service at the Park Hyatt. Also, a huge bonus, is to go early (or linger after your meal) at the New York Bar and Grill on the 52nd floor for an aperitif (or after-dinner drink and jazz). Two amazing spots under one roof and Kozue faces Mount Fuji while The New York Bar and Grill overlooks Shinjuku and the city so you will have two views of Tokyo from your sky high perch.

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        Yeah, at the Park Hyatt you can literally stand next to a cloud. However, the washrooms at TMB are another experience altogether. If you do end up going to Kozue make sure to swing by TMB for a pee. Best pee ever. Not kidding.

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          Brilliant, will do. I often structure my Saturday nights around the quality of the local pissoirs.

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            This PIG speaks the truth. You feel like you're urinating all over the city -- I truly enjoyed giving Tokyo a taste of my own watered down sake.