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Nov 10, 2009 05:59 AM

Anniversary at Oleana. Tasting menu or regular menu?

I have reservations at Oleana this Sunday for our Anniversary. Has anyone tried the regular tasting menu? Or should I order the vegetarian tasting menu, or simply a la carte?

Any dishes that are must eats?

Thanks in advance!!

134 Hampshire St., Cambridge, MA 02139

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  1. If there is a regular tasting menu, it is new. They've always had only a vegetarian tasting menu, although this could have changed since I last visited in August.

    That said, the vegetarian tasting menu is wonderful, and I highly recommend it, even if (like me) you love meat. The menu is delicious and varied and, if both of you order it, they'll bring out different dishes for most courses, so you'll get to taste a large number of dishes.

    Beyond the tasting menu, the must eats are the pret a mangers. Order a couple when you first sit down--I love all of them, particularly the Armenian bean & walnut pate and the whipped feta and peppers.

    Whatever you get, enjoy, and congratulations on the anniversary.

    1. Another thing you might consider: order the vegetarian tasting menu, a few pret a mangers, and a few additional appetizers and share them all - you'll have plenty of food for two, and you get the benefit of the creativity of the tasting menu plus you get to try whatever else strikes your fancy on the menu. Personally, I loved the spicy carrot puree, the whipped feta, the Sultan's delight, and the ricotta and bread dumplings.

      1. Congrats on your anniversary. My fiancee and I always order one vegetarian tasting menu and supplement with one app / pret-a-manger and one app/entree. That's always more than enough food, because we also share the four courses from the tasting menu. This is also very much accommodated by the staff. I think the last time they may have split each course for us.

        The last time I was there, they had a scallop entree with brussels sprouts and husk cherries that was outstanding. I see they have a similar item on the menu now, sans husk cherries, so I might recommend that. I also have tried a few meat dishes, and while good, they never seem as yummy as the veggie/fish dishes, but ymmv.

        BTW, pretty sure they do not have a regular tasting menu.

        1. I adore the vegetarian tasting menu, but as you can see from others' posts--it's a LOT of food. Too much for 1 person, in my opinion, as it's all so good I have trouble not finishing each dish. I'm a pretty big eater and have always felt that food is going to waste when I've gotten the tasting just for myself.

          1. I was there for the first time last week and enjoyed it very much. The best things I tried withe the sultan's delight (with braised short rib instead of lamb), the fried gigante beans with celery root puree and shaved celery, and the duck breast with cauliflower casserole in a pita crust.