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Nov 7, 2009 10:39 AM

Tortillerias in San Jose (split from Washington DC & Baltimore board)

I am so glad you posted. I am headed to San Jose next week and was going to try and find some tacos. Fruitvale district, you say? Any specific places you like? I am willing to drive anywhere in the Bary area.

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  1. Risking the off-board chastizement, look for Las Brasas on Julian St. in San Jose.

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    1. re: zebcook

      Cool. I will try to hit this place tonight.

      Any other recommendations in San Jose? I read there is a lot of Viet downtown. Last time I found a couple good Indian/Paki places. I like anything home made and delicious. Ethnic. Spicy. Authentic. Etc.



      PS: This should be in San Fran Bay Area forum.