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Nov 10, 2009 05:34 AM

Italian (Sicilian)yellow cornmeal cake???

I remember when I was a child a yellow cake not too sweet that may or may have not had cornmeal (possibly semolina????) maybe baked in the shape of a lamb or bundt style Be fore I GOOGLE maybe a Hound can help thanks

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  1. It was made with leavened dough, or was a moist cake...can you describe it better?

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    1. re: cosmopolita

      I'm almost positive it was a moist cake with a grainy texture . it's been a long time

      1. re: scunge

        It 's possible that inside there was the ricotta? I know only one cake made with semolina and ricotta and humid but it is Neapolitan, and is not shaped like a lamb but is common in the Easter period.

        1. re: cosmopolita

          Of course it would be worth a look at and maybe a try .I grew up in a mostly Sicilian neighborhood in the '50's in Brooklyn but there were plenty of Napolitani also.In those days I just ate.

    2. A couple years ago a friend made a cornmeal cake cake w/ me. It was coarse cornmeal, grainy, not too sweet and very moist and lemony. Absolutely delicious. I think it was a bundt shape, defitely not a lamb, but of course if I had a lamb shaped pan, things may have been different.


        i have made this and it's quite good. cornmeal, not semolina.