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Nov 10, 2009 04:58 AM

Looking for recomendations for family for Hallandale area.

Going to be vacationing in Hallandale area with two teen kids. Will be eating in restaurants for ten days. Need restaurant recomendations for good value meals that are delicious. Will have a car and can go to Hollywood, Ft. Lauderdale etc.

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  1. Bagels @ Sage- deli too
    Burgers @ Le Tub
    Very good/inexpensive Salvadoran food/coal fired pizza @ El Tamarindo
    Good Cuban @ Padrino's
    gourmet comfort food @ Lola's on harrison
    upscale Mediterranean nearby @Timo's
    creative/global @ Neomi's
    Tuna fish Sandwiches @ Epicure Market
    fish shack @ Tark's
    Pizza @ Piola
    Upscale Italian @ Fulvio's
    Breakfast/lunch @ Sugar Reef and/or Giorgio's bakery. (both on water-one Ocean the other intracoastal)
    Ceviche @ El Goyo Pollo
    Sushi/Thai @ Eddie Hills

    Lola's on Harrison
    2032 Harrison Street, Hollywood, FL 33020

    , FL

    Fulvio's 1900
    1900 Harrison St, Hollywood, FL 33020

    Le Tub
    1100 N Ocean Dr, Hollywood, FL 33019

    Goyo El Pollo Florida I
    Pembroke Rd Dixie Hwy, Hollywood, FL 33020

    Giorgio's Bakery & Bistro
    800 N Ocean Dr, Hollywood, FL 33019

    Sugar Reef
    600 N Surf Rd, Hollywood, FL 33019

    Tark's of Dania
    1317 S Federal Hwy, Dania, FL 33004

    Sage Bagel Restaurant & Deli
    800 E Hallandale Beach Blvd #1, Hallandale Beach, FL

    Epicure Markets
    17190 Collins Ave Sunny Isles, Bch, FL

    Tamarindo Coal Fired Pizza
    712 Atlantic Shores Blvd, Hallandale Beach, FL 33009

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    1. re: The Chowfather

      Thanks for all the tips. I have been to Tamarindo before and it was very good and reasonably priced. I'll check out some of the others.

      1. re: grillgrub

        I neglected to mention Mauro's for a legit NY style slice and the lounge area at Bourbon Steak for a great burger.

        More on Bourbon burgers here

        Bourbon Steak
        19999 West Country Club Drive, Aventura, FL 33180

        Mauro Pizza
        1904 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, FL 33020

        1. re: The Chowfather

          Love Mauro's. Will check out the other.

          1. re: The Chowfather

            I would add Satoro to the list. New restaurant in downtown Hollywood. I made my first visit recently and was impressed. Everything was great and reasonably priced. I'll post more details later

            Satoro Corp
            2050 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, FL 33020

        2. re: The Chowfather

          I had my first Columbian Hot Dog @ a new place on Hwood Blvd in downtown Hwood called Borojo. I actually went with the the Chorizo dog and it was really good. Came with mozzarella, potato chips and bacon plus various sauces which I assume are traditional. I was scared b/c one was pineapple but it blended in nicely. It's a nice, clean. modern ,casual space. Inexpensive with 15 or so "gourmet" arepa options (chicken, pork, beef, shrimp) plus salads, Colombian burgers, dogs (fried?) and several appetizers. Looking forward to trying more menu items.

          1. re: The Chowfather

            Borojo UPDATE
            as promised I returned to try the not so "gourmet" arepas. Round two I sampled the pork loin with the traditional Colombian sauce, hogado. The hogado sauce was salsa-esque and overpowering. Didn't love the pork or the arepa either. I also sampled the tenderloin arepa which was served with mozzarella and a bechamel sauce. The tenderloin was fine but the sauce didn't work for me nor did the arepa. WE finished ONE of the three mini sliders (redundant ehh).... I stand by my chorizo-dog recommendation but unfortunately can't recommend Borojo for anything else. I apologize for the premature recommendation

        3. a must try is fat lou's a half block east of 95 on hallandale bch blvd, true chicago style food and the best italian beef and gyros around, comfort food at its best with beer wings 20 tv's and shorts and tshirt type of place

            1. re: seminole phil

              Upper Deck on Hallandale Beach Blvd.....sports bar with great food, lots of plasma tvs, and a pool table.

            2. Lately we have really been enjoying Noodles & Panini on Las Olas. Also, Pancho's Backyard in Hollywood is very good for Mexican/Cuban. Very good ceviche, too.

              1. There is a new Texas de Brazil (churascaria) next to the Gulfstream Race Track. If you register with them online - - they'll send you discount coupons. We took 3 teenage boys there and they were thrilled with the salad bar and the meats.