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Thanksgiving Dinner for Two Under $100 in DC

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My parents are looking for a Turkey Day dinner for two in DC and they're only willing to spend $100 or less (not including tip/drinks). Anyone have any ideas?

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  1. La Plaza salvadorian/mexican restaurant on the Hill is doing a T-day special menu. We had it one year and it was pretty good. They deep fry the turkey and serve traditional sides as well as enchiladas, plantains, ect. I think it's $30 or so pp.

    1. Most of the big hotels will have a Thanksgiving buffet going on. Not my thing, though. I would probably go for Peking duck at Tony Cheng's.

      1. Smith and Wollensky has a Thanksgiving dinner for $49 per person. I did it a few years ago with my Dad and we were very happy.


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          I have friends who do this every year and they're quite happy with it.

        2. I notice on the website of Ardeo (in Cleveland Park) that they are doing a $45 per person 3-course T'giving dinner that looks nice. I mention this because I had a really extremely good dinner there tonight. http://ardeorestaurant.com/

          Ardeo - Bardeo
          3311 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20008

          1. this opentable site has a nice feature for thanksgiving specials: http://www.opentable.com/promo.aspx?m...

            1. Clyde's locations have their regular menus, but also have a $25 Thanksgiving plate.

              1. Actually, I'd forget Smith and Wollensky's and try the Morrison Clark Hotel. They have a lovely elegant dining room and are offering an interesting $50 Thanksgiving menu with a refined southern flair. I've had very good meals there although not been recently, but for the money its definitely a cut above S&W on all fronts. Check out their website. The four course Thanksgiving menu looks quite good. But make reservations soon. They do sell out on the holidays. This is where I would send my parents. Actually, I'm tempted to go there rather than cook after looking at the menu.

                Morrison Clark Restaurant
                1015 L St NW, Washington, DC 20001

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                      I spent Thanksgiving at 1789 a few years ago, and it was wonderful. I too think it would be a great choice.

                      I've also heard positive reports about Sou'Wester. At $55/p.p., it might be worth looking into as well.

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                    Are there still any S&W's around? I kinda miss those.

                  2. The Old Ebbitt Grill is doing a Thankgiving menu for $25 per person.


                    Old Ebbitt Grill
                    675 15th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20005