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Nov 10, 2009 03:47 AM

My how time flies!

"Don't eat that" she said, "they fill their food with all sorts of sugar and fat and it's just not worth eating!" It was 1975, Buffalo NY, and we were both juniors in college, and that was the last time I had a Big Mac or any other food from one of those fast food places. It's amazing how much influence a girlfriend can have on you, but it took 34 years and a 14 year old son to have a Big Mac and was it good. No, this isn't going to become a habit, nor do i really think I will have one yearly, but it sure tasted great. My wife and I went grocery shopping and on the back of the receipt was a coupon for buy one get one free big macs at our local Mickey D's. My 14 yr old suggested that it would be a great way for us to bond, so as we drove somewhere that day and we stopped and "bonded". I think I took about 3 bites from it before the guilt arose, but those bites opened up the floodgates to many memories and lots of laughter in the car. Hopefully one day when my son is a father, he'll have one of these moments and the floodgate of memories will open and this will be one of them and the laughter will start again.

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  1. What a fun post! So many meals are memories, no matter how healthy (or if it's a BOGO!). :) Wishing you many more happy meals, pun intended...though I mean it in all sincerity.

    1. Yes. I can credit my dad w/ my first, chile dog. clam roll, clams on the half shell, good pizza, Italian sausage sandwiches, pastrami amd corned beef sandwiches. I worked Saturdays w/ him as an electrician's helper and he took me for lunch. Mom taught and went to night school, so dad took me(my brothers were in college) out often for supper.
      I bond over one-on -one chow hounding w/ our kids. The youngest and I used to go on burger safaris on the weekend to try and find a locally owned place that served both hand formed burgers and hand cut fries. Not an easy task in rural Maine. When one of the boys return, we go to Cleonise for lamb burgers. When my daughter visits we go for Mexican and breakfast. Cherish your son while he is still at home. Very quickly he will be grown and gone.

      1. Just so you know that he'll be a well developed "chow". the night before he had dinner at Becco and once before asked a waiter at some hoity restaurant "can you tell me how the lobster and pork belly appetizer is prepared".

        1. Ever since I was in junior high (I'm 50 now) I spent Christmas Eve day with my grandma preparing the meal for that night. We ate around 5 pm and opened gifts afterwards. On Christmas day everyone went to the "other side" of their respective families. In 35+ years I maybe missed two or three years and made every year since 2001 even though I had left my native midwest and moved to Texas. Grandma was 92 this past Christmas and I was there with her cooking in her home once again. She passed away this summer, and Christmas was the last time I saw her. It's going to be a tough one this year, but I will be there with my Mom cooking Christmas Eve dinner.

          1. It is amazing how we can have this wonderful connections and memories with food. My mom used to take my sister and I to KFC after we would go visit my grandmother who lived several towns away. It was the only time we were allowed to really eat anything greasy or fattening, and after my grandmother passed away, we never went back. To this day, I always think of that juicy and salty KFC fried chicken and have a fond recollection of visiting my grandma. It's been over twelve years since I've had it but maybe its time to revisit....