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Nov 10, 2009 03:28 AM

Blanquette de Veau/Pot au feu-Paris rec?

I will be in Paris in about a week and am looking for some recs on these two classic dishes.
I would imagine that a classic bistrot (Marguery, Bressanne) would be the place to go but I do not know if they have these dishes on their menus.
Also, a number of years ago I went to the roi du pot au feu which was quite good but does not, in spite of its name, stand out as being exceptional.
Any suggestions appreciated and I will report back.
Also, location and cost not important.

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  1. A similar and very recent discussion can be found here:

    I had the most wonderful blanquette de veau at the Café de l'Epoque, Rue Bouloi, 1st arr., a small brasserie, lots of regulars, hardly tourists. It was however one of the daily specials and not on the regular menu. In the winter months, they always have one or two 'comfort food dishes' listed on the ardoise.

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    1. re: Dodo

      Dodo, I am the original poster of the other thread which you kindly referred to. You brought up a point about having blanquette de veau as a daily special. I would think that if a restaurant offers a particular dish only once a week, it should be fresh - and good. What is your opinion?

      1. re: Aleta

        Absolutely! When it's a daily special, there is as long as there is and when it's gone, it's gone. Then, the dish is usually deleted or crossed out on the ardoise.

        Also, daily specials are usually a good deal, because as a restaurant owner, I'd want them to go within the day.

    2. I do not remember if the Petit Marguery serves pot au feu blanquette de veau, because (1) when I go there, that's not what I have in mind; and (2) POF and BdV are winter dishes that are fun to do at home.
      But an out-of-town friend loves to drag me to chez Paul - the one on rue de Charonne, not the one on Butte aux Cailles - for creature comfort dishes like POF and hachis parmentier. It was quite good, but it's the kind of dish that is seldom better done than at home. And I do not mean to say we are superior cooks, we are not. Nor do I mean to say the place is mediocre, it is not. It is not Petit Marguery but is a great fun and noisy place. There used to be a beautiful well-fed tabby on the counter, the kitchen feline god.
      All those home-style eats are vastly underrated. Maybe because the profit margin is too low, restaurants seldom do them or seldom make them soignés en tout cas. Quite regrettable.

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      1. re: Parigi

        I second the Chez Paul endorsement for the POF, loved it!

      2. Le Quincy has 'pot au feu en vessie', but only in cold weather, which according to the restaurant has not started as of last week of October when l was there.

        1. The homey little Au Petit Tonneau serves a rather good blanquette. It is basically a one woman(Ginette Boyer) operation on Rue Surcouf which still continues to serve satisfied regulars for over a couple of decades while her neighbors such as Casual/Actuel/Clarisse and Bellecour/Les Ormes rise and fall like the tide.

          1. Ended up having an average blanquette at Pharamond.