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Nov 9, 2009 07:36 PM

RH restaurant at Andaz Hotel, W, Hollywood?

We have been invited to dinner at RH restaurant in WeHo. The restaurant was given three stars by Virbila, but we have heard nothing about it from CH's. Has anyone been there? Was it any good?

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    1. Went a few weeks ago and the duck confit was as good as the LAT rave. I did not care for the french fries - thought they were greasy & crunchy. I love duck fat fries (where did you go Bin?) but these were not good.

      The périgourdine poached egg is a nice way to begin the meal.

      Service is pleasant and it is fun to be able to see the whole kitchen, including the walk-ins and fridges, from the dining room.

      The amuse served the night I was there was a plate of crudite which I thought very odd as it showed none of the chef's skills - nothing to get you excited for the plates to come.

      Worth checking out. Prices are very fair. Valet parking is your only likely option....

        1. Chef Sebastien is very good and I would not hesitate your eating anything you felt you wanted on the menu.
          Report back on your experience.