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Nov 9, 2009 07:27 PM

Best Chicken Wings in Montreal

I'm in search for the best chicken wings in Montreal.
Right now my favorites are from Cote St-Luc BBQ, eaten with their mild sauce, and second favorite are home made ones.
What are some other great wing joints, besides; Hooters, Buffalo Bills, Clydes, and Peel Pub?

Peel Pub
1196 Rue Peel, Montreal, QC H3B2T6, CA

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  1. See the recently updated Hot Wings in Montreal thread:

    1. Hands down the best in the city... I have had them at a lot of places and Hurley's on crescent is by FAR the best. They aren't cheap at 8.64$ for 6 but they are the full wing still intact wing & drumstick together so really it is like your getting 12 wings. I ask for them well done and with mild sauce and they are simply perfect.

      1. The Jolifou restaurant on Beaubien just reopened with a new menu, and they now feature wings (and an amazing burger, and smoked brisket and house made cheese and jalepeno sausage - i could go on, but the topic here is wings, so.... This place is by no means a pub,, but the wings are AMAZING and they make all their own hot sauces - count 4 including habenero tamarind and cayenne roasted pepper. They also make this incredible blue cheese sauce that took it all over the top. They cost a bit more (10 or 12 bucks) but SO worth it. The owner says they may be getting a few TV's in there for the upcoming hockey season so i know where i'll be watching the games.