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Nov 9, 2009 06:53 PM

Best restaurant in Mississauga


We just moved from downtown Toronto to Mississauga and instead of trucking back downtown to enjoy a birthday meal, we thought we'd use this opportunity to scope out some good eats in Mississauga.

Price is no object, and we're willing to drive anywhere in Mississauga. We like ethnic cuisines but we eat Chinese, Korean and Indian all the time, so we'd like to switch it up for this occasion. Any rec's are greatly appreciated!

SuperAngela :)

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  1. We very much enjoy indian food and have, on several occasions, driven from downtown toronto to The Sweet Palace, in a small plaza on Peter Robertson near Torbram. Amazing Thali for lunch, a sweet counter thirty feet long with the best sweets I've seen since India. They do meat dishes also and we are looking forward to returning for dinner in the near future where we can sample some different dishes. Large, extremely clean, pleasant service and very moderate in price. A real winner. We have always been enthusiast s of Brar at Albion and Islington but this restaurant tops Brar. A real treat for Indian Food Lovers.

    Torbram Restaurant
    7270 Torbram Rd, Mississauga, ON L4T3Y7, CA

    Sweet Palace
    1098 Peter Robertson Boul, Brampton, ON L6R3A5, CA

    1. For some serious portions and very good quality, check out Peter's on Eglinton. Diner type food but really well done. Great smoked meat sandwiches! On Eg between Dixie and Tomken.

      Up Brampton way, you have China Garden on Hurontario and Ray Lawson BLVD----great Hakka.

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      1. re: Brain of J

        +1 for Peters.. Not gourmet fare, and not cheap.. But portions so big the Flintstones would be proud, and generally almost everything I've tried is pretty good too. I like the super pastrami, super smoked meat, and chicken brochette dinners

        1. re: duckdown

          There is no way this is among the best list! Decor is awful! Food too! Sorry not one I'd recommend! Not even to Fred!

          1. re: froglegs

            Dude it's a diner, calm down.. It's not haute cuisine

            1. re: froglegs

              I'm not eating the drapes nor the garish chandeliers! :-)

              1. re: Brain of J

                Just looking at the decor causes me to lose my appetite! :)

              2. re: froglegs

                I agree. Peter's on Eglinton does not serve chowhound-worthy food. I love deli and diners, believe me. But this place is not worth the drive nor the money (it's so expensive!) I had a french onion soup (pretty good) and a smoked meat sandwich (huge) last month. But mediocre or average at best. Old school place that is past its prime.

                I do recommend the quite expensive Bombay Bhel at Hurontario and Eglinton (they don't have a separate lunch menu - be warned) and I also recommend the self-serve sandwich/soup place called Pane e Vino. We made reservations and everyone seemed satisfied with the taste and quality for the price. For self-serve they actually have great service, too, with the manager-looking person coming around to tables to clear and check up.

                I don't recommend the average Pho Mi 99 on Hurontario at Eglinton. Much better Viet food can be had elsewhere though not sure where in Mississauga. Pho Phuong in Toronto is still my favourite.

                1. re: Food Tourist

                  I really like pho mi 99 at burnhamthorpe and centennial awesome.

                  1. re: jiminy

                    There's a Pho Mi 99 right near me that opened up by Shoppers World and I found 2 bone fragments in it on last visit. Plus their spring rolls are quite poor IMO when compared to the other popular places.. I much preferred Pho Dau Bo

                    1. re: duckdown

                      In the same mall, there's a Monforts chicken. It rivals Empire. Actually better, imo.

            2. re: Brain of J

              I've been there once and I can't say I'd want to go back. I don't live in that hood but I hope to heck there are better options than Peter's.

            3. My aunt in Mississauga swears by Rogues.

              A pretty solid record of good meals and service in our experience.

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              1. re: c.cow

                Michael's Back Door on Lakeshore has always been lovely, and we have enjoyed some great meals at Piatta on Dundas (near Mississauga Road). Both are italian. Via Allegro is technically Etobicoke but very close to Mississauga and I love the food there although I know some on ths board don's share my enthusiasm. Rogues is lovely too. Let us know what you select and give a review!

                1. re: donelikedinner

                  Would not recommend Michael's. Once upon a time it was very good but the last few visits were very disappointing. Poor service and an uninspired menu.

                  My recs would include Rogues and Piatta. You would not go wrong at either one of these.

                  1. re: cynalan

                    Sorry to hear that about Michaels. I confess I have not been there recently, but it still appears as crowded as ever.

                    1. re: donelikedinner

                      Their "signature" dish, the angel hair pasta with lobster, is very good. Nice portion as well.

                2. re: c.cow

                  +1 for Rogues. Excellent menu and service, cozy! It's where I go for my anniversary dinners! :)

                  1. re: c.cow

                    Rogues is delicious, I have never had a bad experience there. Worth checking out.

                  2. We lived in north-west Mississauga for several years before moving to Burlington a couple of years ago. We discovered a little place called Gabriel's Ristorante off Erin Mills Pkwy. just south of 401, ate there several times a year for about five years, and never had a bad meal. Just simple, classy Italian food - pasta and pizza - with reasonable prices, delicious sauces, and good value for money. Mmmm, their fusilli with chicken, gorgonzola and pine nuts still makes me drool when I think about it. :) Don't be put off by the look of the place, though - when you walk in, all you see is the bar and the pool tables... just walk through to the back half of the restaurant and it's like you've entered a whole different building.


                    1. My family and I like the orchard(family restaurant) at dundas and hurontario,the bounty(family restaurant) at dundas west of 427,the golden turtle(vietnamese) at central parkway and confederation,bombay bhell(east Indian)hurontario and eglinton or dundas west of winstonchurchill,wasabi buffet at hurontario and courtney park,mandarin(their head office) in brampton beside costco,amore mediterranean cuisine(great chicken parmigiana)at dundas and erindale station,tandoori flame(Indian buffet)at dixie and orenda brampton,summit for dim sum at dundas and winstonchurchill and like another poster suggested peters on eglinton.
                      We haven't tried any korean in mississauga,one of our friends took us to a place in the dvp/steeles area which had all you can eat koren BBQ which you cook yourself at your table which was excellent,but I don't know the name of the place.There is also an Indian restaurant on hurontario between britannia and bristol which my Indian co-workers really like(I have to ask them what the name of the place is).