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Nov 9, 2009 06:11 PM

Miami - South of Airport Zip 33126

Will be at a convention in early December in the Miami south airport area--- near SW 7th Street and 836. Will have a rental car but prefer not to drive too far-- certainly not all the way downtown-- for some good eats. Especially like steaks, Italian, barbecue or plain ol' American cooking done right. Any ideas for us?

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  1. 7th Street and 836 run parallel to each other so it's a bit hard to tell exactly where you're going to be. Assuming it's close to Coral Gables, there's decent Italian to be had at Bugatti or Anacapri, or for more Southern Italian red-sauce style, Randazzos (new location on the corner of Miracle Mile and LeJeune Road). There are also several chain steakhouses (Morton's, Flemings, Ruth Chris, Houstons). For something with more of a local flair, Graziano's is a very good Argentine steakhouse.

    Can't think of much barbecue around there. We used to go to Uncle Tom's BBQ on 8th Street ages ago but I think it's changed ownership and taken a severe decline (not that it was fantastic to start).

    If you follow this search you'll see a couple threads on places near the airport ->

    Graziano's Restaurant
    177 SW 7th Street, Miami, FL 33310

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      Thanks for your advice. We'll be near Lake Mahar-- NW 67th Avenue area if that brings any additional places to mind. How far would the places you named be from there?

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        That's right across from the airport. Coral Gables is about 10 minutes' drive away.