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Nov 9, 2009 03:26 PM

Dinner suggestions near VIC Theatre?

Anyone have any ideas for an early dinner close to the theater?
Open to all ideas! Thanks!

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  1. Well, there might be 25-30 restaurants within easy reach of the theater, so you probably ought to further define what you might be looking for lest someone copy and paste the entire Yellow Pages directory.

    1. I like Mi Terra on Belmont. Just west of the Vic. It's good American Mexican food at decent prices.

      1. A new hot spot (meaning it might be tough to get in) is DMK Burger Bar, an upscale burger spot opened by Michael Kornick (of MK Restaurant) and David Morton (of the Morton's steakhouse family). It just opened in the last few days and they are serving grass fed beef burgers. It's just a couple blocks south of the Vic on Sheffield (just south of Wellington).