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Nov 9, 2009 03:00 PM

Chicken Fried Rice recommendations sought


About four or five years ago, I stopped eating Chinese food because I could never find any that was not greasey and wouldn't up my stomach.

Lately, I have had a hankering for chicken fried rice and am hoping to find a very good place that makes it with all white meat chicken and not really greasey/oily. I am looking for a place in Lower Montgomery County (Abington/Willow Grove/Hatboro/Horsham areas) or in northeast Philadelphia.

Thanks in advance

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  1. Thai Pepper makes a really light chicken fried rice, but it's in Wayne. I make the same dish at home since it's fairly easy and inexpensive. If you want the recipe, just let me know.

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      Cin Cin in Chestnut Hill has a fantastic chicken fried rice. It's all white meat, light and fresh. I constantly drive out of my way to get it. I haven't found anything that compares in the suburbs.

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        Yes, please. The recipe would be great. Thanks a lot.

        1. re: YoccosFan

          Ok, here goes. Be forewarned - I don't use precise measurements.

          5-6 cups of day old rice (I use Jasmine rice)
          approx 1 cup of frozen corn and peas in equal parts
          1 diced fresh carrot
          2-3 beaten eggs
          3 minced garlic cloves
          2 chicken breasts - trimmed and diced
          1-2 scallions - sliced thinly
          Veg oil and sesame oil
          soy sauce
          white sugar

          1. marinate chicken in a few dashes of soy sauce; set aside
          2. soak frozen veggies in water for 10 min; then strain well
          3. scramble eggs in veg oil; set aside
          4. heat up wok with 2 dashes of veg oil and a dash of sesame oil; add garlic; stir for 30 seconds; then add carrots; stir around for another 30 seconds; then add chicken and stir fry until all sides are browned; add a dashes of water to make sure the chicken is fully cooked
          5. when chicken is ready, toss in veggies and scrambled eggs; stir for 1 minute; then add rice and stir fry (i.e. try to declump the rice)
          6. Add a few dashes of soy sauce (to taste) and 3 good pinches of sugar
          7. Stir around some more; the goal is to declump the rice and evenly color each grain; when you get a good color, turn off stove and add scallions. Stir it up and you're done.

          You can also substitute the chicken with Chinese sausage or char siu pork.

          1. re: mrslloyddobler

            Thank you both very much. I will be trying Cin Cin this week and will also try out the recipe. Thanks a lot for the help.

            Cin Cin
            7838 Germantown Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19118