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Nov 9, 2009 02:27 PM

Detective work: trying to remember a specific French restaurant in Long Beach

Here's the deal: my friend had his birthday party two years ago at what he says is his favorite restaurant of all-time. That being said, he has no memory of the name of this amazing place (???), which makes it very hard for me to surprise him by taking him there this year. So, after leaving an extensive google search empty-handed, I decided to go to the experts... I'm hoping, even if the restaurant is closed now, maybe someone remembers it so I can at least have "closure" on this? Either way, any help is appreciated!

Here's what he does remember (aka, "the clues")
1. It's a French restaurant
2. It's on 2nd Street in Long Beach
3. It's a hole-in-the-wall kind of place: he remembers there being about 6 tables in the whole restaurant
4. The food is (according to him) amazing

Sorry - that's all I have to go on! But I'm hoping this sparks someone's memory...

Thanks in advance!

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  1. The first thing that comes to mind is Frenchy's Bistro in Long Beach, but it is not on 2nd...


    Frenchy's Bistro
    4137 East Anaheim Street, Long Beach, CA 90804

    1. Could it be La Creperie Café at 4911 E. Second St.? It's pretty intimate and cozy, and it has solid crêpes and a couple of other French-ish items on the menu. I prefer Frenchy's on Anaheim, but in a pinch and when in Belmont Shore, this is a pretty good choice.

      La Creperie Cafe
      4911 E 2nd St, Long Beach, CA 90803

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      1. re: rjw_lgb_ca

        La Creperie has more than 6 tables in the restaurant. There are about six tables outside on the patio, but the inside is rather larger than a hole in the wall.

        La Creperie Cafe
        4911 E 2nd St, Long Beach, CA 90803

        1. re: attran99

          How 'bout Babette's Feast...??

          Babette's Feast
          4621 E 2nd St, Long Beach, CA 90803

      2. concur w/dommy... frenchy's bistro?? altho it isn't on 2nd street, it's the best french place in the area IMO.

        1. I cannot think of a restaurant that fits the clues you have given.

          One easy to miss restaurant, a hole-in-the-wall, comes to mind; Fora. Fora is a small restaurant (six tables seems about right), that is on 2nd Street, and has excellent food and a very nice wine selection. It isn't a French restaurant but I don't believe it claims to be anything in particular. A few of its dishes are French-ish, and its cheese selections and dessets may seem French-inspired. They tout their soufflés as being remarkable. They also have special wine dinners and perhaps your friend went when there was a themed French meal.

          Check out their menu and see if it fits the bill.

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          1. re: Ringo Gato

            Maybe the friend is referring to the little Italian place just off 2d that has only a few tables. Otherwise, it must by Frenchy's.

            1. re: 2intune

              You're thinking of Cafe Gazelle, which is Italian by way of Iran . . .

              They also have another location in Huntington Beach, which has more tables.

              Cafe Gazelle
              191 La Verne Ave, Long Beach, CA 90803

          2. You could just take your friend to Frenchy's and then he might have a new favorite place.