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Nov 9, 2009 02:02 PM

Upcoming Week in Vegas - My List Needs Finetuning

I've been salivating reading all of the amazing Las Vegas restaurant threads and am trying my best to compile a good restaurant mix for our upcoming week visit to Vegas (we'll be there from November 16 - 21). I've been to Vegas several times and have a couple places that I'd like to revisit (LOS, In & Out, Joe's Stone Crab), but more importantly, would like to branch out and try a few new restaurants. A couple things to note: My boyfriend and I will be staying at the Venetian, will be celebrating both of our birthdays and we both love food (be it a hole in the wall to fine dining). We're open to any food genre and as much as I would love to say that price is no object, neither of us can really afford more than $150/per person a meal, especially since we'll be there for a week.

- Bouchon (was going to try breakfast, unless you think dinner would also be a good choice)
- Enoteca (have a certificate I have to use and felt better about the restaurant after reading Uhockey's review
- Alex - would love to try the Taste of Wynn menus (because the prix fixe is out of our budget); do you think it's too late to make a reservation? We're also not huge wine drinkers - will this pose a problem at all? BF tends to drink scotch and I tend to be partial to martinis.
- Mix (another cert, but the menu actually looks pretty robust from the Web site)
- Cafe Ba Ba Reeba
- Raku sounded really interesting (we don't have anything similar in MPLS)
- Mon Ami Gabi - I realize this is not a popular choice, but my BF has never seen the Bellagio fountains and I was thinking this might be a good place for him to be able to see them; I'm definitely open to suggestions if you have a better recommendation.
- Any suggestions for a restaurant with a good scotch menu? I'd like to surprise my BF with a birthday meal and haven't seen too many references to scotch in Vegas.
- Any other lunch/dinner recommendations?

Any thoughts on my list would definitely be appreciated as well as if you have any other recommendations.

Thank you in advance, LV chowhounds!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Bouchon is great for both breakfast and dinner. You may think about doing dinner there and doing breakfast across the street at Tableau instead of doing Bouchon twice.

      I agree with uhockey on Enoteca. Low key, but creative, well-executed Batali fare. Good for lunch or a mellow dinner.

      Probably not too late for a reservation at Alex. I've had both scotch and martinis at Alex. Don't miss this place. It's an experience to remember.

      Don't know much about Mix. Uhockey did a good review of it. It's always seemed like more of a drinks/nightclub place than a foodie destination, but I could be wrong about that.

      Cafe Ba Ba Reeba is great for what it is. Informal, inexpensive tapas in a shopping mall setting.

      Skip MAG. Bouchon for dinner is a much better choice for French bistro food. You don't have to pay a dime to hang and watch the fountains from LV Blvd. Picasso is the restaurant with the best fountain view. I'd highly recommend it as well.

      I'd recommend Country Club at Wynn for a fantastic lunch in a beautiful golf course setting. I love the corn chowder and have not had a bad entree in 5-visits.

      Bar Charlie is a unique experience and should not be missed for those who enjoy inventive seafood. You probably have not seen anything like it.

      Have a great trip!

      3355 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

      1. It's not too late for Alex. I made my reservation for 8 pm on Nov 14 yesterday the 8th. You have even more lead time.

        1. Some "tasting" notes...

          Alex - Because of the current state of the Las Vegas economy, you should not have any difficulties with reservations. An excellent choice, but while they would likely make an awfully good martini, the subtleties of Alex Stratta's food might not play well to one (some of your other choices are better for a martini evening, especially Enoteca).

          Cafe Ba Ba Reeba - Keep in mind that if you will be doing some splurging the rest of the week, the Happy Hour specials here (4-7 on weekdays, nine different Tapas dishes priced at $3) are easy on the pocket.

          Mon Ami Gabi - Were you planning lunch or dinner? The food is good, not great, and not necessarily something that you could not find at home. But if it is lunch, what you will not have at home in mid-November is nice warm sunshine, and the fountains start at noon on Saturday's and Sunday's (3 PM during the week).

          Raku - If you do not have anything similar at home, then it is an easy call. Note that the raves are not just because of the style of cuisine, but the impeccable attention to detail from Mitsuo Endo.

          Scotch - Sadly, there are not enough discussions on the topic. Most of the Strip restaurants have decent lists, and naturally the steakhouses are particularly strong in this regard. Unfortunately, much like the wine lists, the prices are higher than they need to be. Usually when we are in a whisky mood we think of Table 10 at the Palazzo, NobHill at the MGM Grand, and the Country Club at Wynn, for food that pairs well, but of course that is a matter of personal taste. Bouchon, on your list already, has several whisky-friendly entrees.

          1. On our last trip to Vegas (early October), Cafe Ba Ba Reeba was horrible. if you're pressed for locations, my advice would be to drop this one.