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Nov 9, 2009 01:34 PM

Simplex tea kettle question

Which should I get, coil or flat, any opinions????
I am in the market for a new kettle. I don't care for the electric, have to use them at work, and for home I like the cozyness of a old fashioned kettle...
RIP my Halo Le Creuset kettle, I boiled it dry, and then some, this morning, and since they have discontinued my color , chocolate, I have no hope to replace it without my husband noticing! He will be very unhappy, cause it was a gift from him, and I left it on the heat without the whistler down, and then left the kitchen.....
I am thinking about getting a Simplex. With the whistler in the spout, I hope I will be less inclined to forget it, unless I boil in it without the lid, which is less likely, I hope.
I have a gas range, should I get the gas/coil version, or the flat model. I like the basic look of the flat model, is the coil REALLY faster?


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  1. In theory, the coil ones are faster because there is less heat lost. However, that is assuming you have similar heat elements. The heating speed will also depends on the thermal power avaliable to your electric kettle.

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