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Nov 9, 2009 01:34 PM

White Lily Flour- Anyone Notice A Difference in Texture

I opened a new bag of White Lily flour today. It's not from the Knoxville plant. It's a different texture. It's not a finely milled and is kinda bally. I had some leftover from the Knoxville plant and I compared it with the new bag. I asked DH if he saw and difference and he affirmed it. Has anyone else seen/experienced this?

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  1. There was a big discussion about this on the General Topics board last year I think. I still have about ten pounds of the Knoxville kind in my freezer.

    Edit - links to two of the threads:

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      Thanks- I knew White Lily had been sold and the Knoxville mill had been closed. I was just wondering if maybe I had gotten a bad bag or if this was an across the board problem.

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      1. Here in Kentuck we found that white lily flour has gone to the dogs. If you can get Nunn Better where you live at I think you will find it is better then white lily.

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          I think I got a bag that had been wet or damp. I got another bag a couple of weeks ago and it had much better texture. It wasn't "bally".

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            Good to know. Where do you live, BTW? I'm in VA heading down to NC and hoping to pick up some more flour.

        2. Sad but true the White Lily company sold out and the new company does not process the flour the same way. I think they do not use the soft winter wheat which attributed to the fine texture of the original flour. I was fortunate to read about the change before it took place and bought 30 pounds to freeze. Making biscuits Christmas morning!

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            For biscuits, I have switched from White Lilly to a somewhat local brand called Virginia's Best. It's milled in small batches in Elliston, Va. They have produce a great seasoned flout too.