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Nov 9, 2009 12:39 PM

Nice Dinner in Annapolis for under 30 per person?

Looking for suggestions for a restaurant for a double date that is nice, but won't break the bank. One person in the party is allergic to shellfish, so we need to avoid crabhouses. Anything else is fair game. Thanks in advance!

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  1. $30 with drinks or for multiple courses? I had a really nice clam pasta at Carpaccio Tuscan Kitchen the other night. The entree portions were so big I was glad I didn't get a starter, but the starters aren't too expensive either, it might fit the budget?

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      None of the participants are big drinkers. The $30 was just a ballpark figure. I'm thinking around $100 total for 4 people (maybe 4 entrees, maybe 2 apps, and 2 desserts)? Thanks for the tip about Carpaccio Tuscan Kitchen. I will check it out. Any more favorite Annapolis restaurants out there that might fit the bill?

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        I really like Rockfish, but I can't remember prices there, and it isn't as nice of a date ambiance, and they have a lot of shellfish around so I am not sure, but if you tell someone that you have an allergy I am sure they take it very seriously.

        People seem to like Osteria 177, I wasn't thrilled, but I ate there when it was pretty new and haven't had a chance to go back.

        Sorry I used to be from Annapolis and go often as my Mom lives there, but I am not as familiar with the area as I used to be. And so many of the places I really like are heavily shellfish focused like Joss and Tsunami.