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Nov 9, 2009 12:33 PM

Saucepan with a spout for warming milk or making hot chocolate

This never occured to me until I made hot chcolate for the first time this season. Whenever I pour the hot milk mixture into the mug I have to do it over the sink because I usually make a mess pouring from the pot. Is there a saucepan with a spout in it like a batter bowl has to make the pouring easier and less messy? Thanks!

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  1. java, there are a number of makers who have small (1-quart) saucepans with spouts. Analon and Calphalon have them (I don't know which product lines, though), as do a couple of the celebrity chef's lines, and those would probably be less expensive.

    Go to google and enter "__-quart saucepan with spout" (filling in the size you want) and you will get some hits with the size you'd like.

    In the meantime, using a saucepan with a rolled rim should be less messy than one without. The other thing you can do, although it will give you one more item to wash, is to pour the h.c. from the pan into a spouted measuring cup--e.g., Pyrex--and then into the cup.

    1. I have a LC enameled cast iron pot which is perfect for this purpose. It's about a quart in size.

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        I have one of these LC 1qt with a spout and it it my go-to pot for making hot chocolate for 2.

      2. Le Creuset made one a while back.
        Le Creuset 1-1/2-Quart Saucepan with Wood Handle and Pour Spout
        I paid $50 a few years back for it.
        I saw an Oneida at target a month ago that was about $20
        google oneida cook and pour.
        Get something with a thick bottom.

        1. The type of pan you're looking for is often called a 'butter warmer', a small saucepan with 2 pouring spouts.

          1. The Sitram Profiserie line of cookware recommended by many Chowhounders includes small saucepans with spouts. They have 3/4 qt. and a 1.1 qt. sizes. You're most likely to find them online from restaurant suppliers. They are much less expensive than Le Creuset.