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Nov 9, 2009 12:33 PM

Party Menu Help - Ear Piercing Theme??

After decades of not getting my ears pierced, I've decided for this upcoming milestone birthday to finally get it done.

I'd love to throw a party with a menu that's themed after something related - but am drawing blanks.......

I've thought of : Skewered apps ... round things (meatballs)....
and, unfortunately, that's IT.

Before throwing in the towel on this party idea, I thought if anyone has ideas how to pull it off - the 'hounds would.

Any suggestions or feedback is greatly appreciated!! TIA!

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    1. re: coll

      There's also ring-shaped pasta, usually seen in soups.

      1. re: greygarious

        I know, but EAR shaped= the worst part. Getting the ear pieced for the first time is all about the ear I think. But maybe mix the two pastas together. Now there's an idea.

    2. What if it was centered on earrings, rather than the actual procedure? Might make for some pretty desserts.

      1. Anything with a hole: doughnuts, bagels, Cheerios, Life Savers, Swiss cheese...

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        1. re: susan1353

          ooh, good one!

          braised osso buco and remove the bone before serving. Pineapple rings. A little biscuit cutter and you take the middle out of a lot of things.

        2. Dried apricots are reminiscent of ears. You could skewer them with rosemary sprigs. serve them on crostini with a bit of chevre to adhere them to the bread, maybe?

          1. Shiskabob? Yakitori? Satay? Bacon wrapped kimchee skewers?

            My local chinese deli has a dish made with sliced pigs ears.

            I could see party bags with whole pigs ears for the dog owners who attend.