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Nov 9, 2009 12:31 PM

Duesseldorf, Germany-Rec?

I will be in DUS next week for Medica.
I am not a big fan of German cooking and usually enjoy goig to Italian restaurants when in Germany.
I found Rossini which looked interesting.
Any comments or other suggestions?

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  1. Given your dislike of German cooking ( which region are we talking, exactly?), you might want to give some of the sushi parlors a shot, as D'dorf has a large Japanese community. Can't say much about Italian, sorry.

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    1. re: linguafood

      Not so much a dislike than the fact that a little of it goes a long way.
      I am thinking of places like Paeffgen in Cologne or Schumann in Dusseldorf-which I enommend any specific sushi place?joy for one meal but then want something else.
      Can you r

    2. There are some German restaurants that are as good as any in France such as the three Michelin starred Schwarzwaldstube or Dieter Muller. For Dusseldorf if you really want to find the best consider either Im Schiffchen (formerly three stars) or the Victorian. None of these four are what you would probably call "German." I should note I am talking about starred restaurants that are expensive. Yet they are excellent by any definition.

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        If you insist on Italian in Dusseldorf the best Italian restaurant is Osteria Saitta I have been four times with the last about a year or so ago. Then, the mayor of Dusseldorf was hosting a private birthday party for his wife.

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          Saita certainly looks good-hard choice!
          To answer the previous post, I am going to Paris after DUS so French food is less tempting and I am spending only one night in Germany with a visit to Medica the day of arrival. I am sure that I a less formal dinner will be appreciated.
          Again, thank you for your post.