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Nov 9, 2009 11:47 AM


I keep passing by Marcello's, in the Complexe Guy-Favreau, on The Gauchetière, on my way to Chinatown, and always think about trying it for lunch, but then I wuss out. A big part of the reason is that I come in and they have too much choice! They offer products like a market, but even their lunch offering: they have the buffet choices, with a lot of variety, and then you have the deli counter that can make you any sandwich. I'm sur some of it is good enough for a workday lunch, but I can't decide, as I am sure there is at least equal parts hit and miss on the menu.

So I'm looking for comments: does anyone go? What is good (if anything?)? Anything I should stay away from?

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  1. I've been there a few times with my coworkers. Food is ok (average). You can compare it to cafeteria food. So, I can't say there is a ''must try'' meal.

    Personally, I prefer to keep walking and head to Chinatown.

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      I was excited as first when they opened, as I believed they would have similar options to a Marcello's I tried once in Ottawa, in the Minto Place. I had memories of Indian type food, with veg curries and tender meats. Not really the case in Montreal. Meatballs, pasta, veg casserole, chicken, couscous... I tried it twice and found the food to be somewhat heavy, and red sauces to be very sweet; I'm guessing there's probably ketchup in there. Sandwiches are OK, tried it once.

      They have a lot of baked goods in the morning, greasy to my taste but with nice choices still.

      All in all, very average as described by FGL. I'd rather go to the Croquembouche (next to the Energie Cardio entrance in the Complexe Desjardins) for something quick rather than Marcello's.

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        as i was in guy favreau building today i tried some of the buffet, goes by weight so i paid $5.50 for asparagus, chicken casserole, grilled vegetables, spinach salad, a variety of other veggies (broccoli, cauliflower) and salads such as greek, bean, tuna pasta etc
        and a few strawberries. I actually enjoyed it because i could choose the more appetizing, healthier dishes and mix and match. I found it was a lot better than many other choices such as in the fast food area in complexe desjardins or more expensive restaurant options in area. It was a fast lunch and i even had some leftover for later on. I would go again also in festival period -- not all dishes appealing but you can choose within the array of dishes a fairly healthy meal with a variey of vegetables. I didnt go to soup area or take much from fruit buffet, the latter is same price as meals. I also didnt take much from, hot dishes, heavier which would jack up price. I liked the concept for people on the go and thought it had a place as alternative to the food kiosks in shopping centres. Its true chinatown is outside the door but i didnt have time for a leisurely meal and was paying parking by the minute!