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Nov 9, 2009 11:29 AM

Veg Friendly in Charlotte

I'll be in Charlotte this week for a conference and would like some recommendations for dinners out with colleagues. We will have vegetarians and omnivores in our group, so I'm looking for veg friendly places. Unfortunately, we have an omnivore that doesn't like much spice, so Thai, Vietnamese, Indian are probably out. We're staying at the Omni without a car, so places that are within walking distance or are short cab rides are preferred. We can do casual or fancy but appreciate good service.

I did a search here and found that several places seem to have closed recently (Latores, Mexi Cafe, a couple others I forget), so I want to get some updated recommendations. Possibilities on my list so far:
Zada Janes (anyone know which evenings they serve dinner?)
Carpe Diem


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  1. How about Italian? A great cuisine that is veg friendly. Check out Luce and Coco Osteria - both are excellent with great service.

    Another place to check out is Greek Isles, a short train (light rail) ride from Uptown, especially if your veg companions eat fish. If not, then veg items are somewhat limited to pasta, mousaka, and spanokopita.

    Carpe Diem is excellent, and a very good choice.

    1. Zada Janes is probably about a 10-15 min. cab ride, depending on traffic. Defintely not walking distance. It looks like they serve dinner Wed. thru Sun. I've only ever gone for breakfast or lunch.

      Carpe Diem is a good choice, however again not w/i walking distance.

      Ratcliffe on the Green is uptown and lots of veggies as the chef has a farm to fork French Brasserie inspired menu.

      A new place called The Liberty just opened in South End (just south of Uptown) and you could take the light rail there and get off at the East Blvd. stop. I haven't been yet but its gotten good reports here on CH and the chef is well known in town. It's a gastropub with a diverse menu and fun atmosphere. There is a thread on CH if you want to read up on it.

      Carpe Diem
      105 Sycamore Pl, Decatur, GA 30030

      1. Friends have raved about Real Food, it's very close to downtown:

        You can take the light rail or a short cab ride.

        1. I can't vouch for the place but Blynk Organic may be of interest:

          1. I think everything so far is a good suggestion, but to add a few:

            Pewter Rose has quite a few vegetarian entrees on the menu. The chef is very conscious of meatless diets. Wide range of dishes and price points. Short train or cab ride from downtown.

            Mert's is a soul-food place. I believe their vegetables are all vegetarian (if that makes sense, not sure where you're from). A hearty meal can be made from beans, collards, macaroni, and cornbread ;-).