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Nov 9, 2009 11:18 AM

Spring Rolls

I am making fresh spring rolls (Goi Cuon) for the first time. The recipe I am using says to use all-rice spring roll wrappers, but all I have been able to find is wrappers with a combination of tapicoa flour and rice flour. Is this a suitable substitution? Or will it not be the same in consistency/taste/ease of assembling/etc.?
If the latter is true, where can I find the all-rice wrappers? A lot of the Chinese stores in my area (nob hill/chinatown) don't have too many Vietnamese options. But I haven't checked all...

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  1. The ones with tapioca tend to be more delicate. They tend to rip more easily and the texture is off if you are eating them raw as in Goi Cuon. My relatives prefer them for deep frying for a lighter texture

    I have no tips for Chinatown. I'm a little surprised you can't find any, although that may be why I don't shop for Vietnamese groceries in Chinatown. Currently I'm using Three Ladies brand (which I prefer over the Red Rose). You can find them at New May Wah in the Richmond, Sunset Super in the Sunset, and at the Vietnamese market that is on the same block as Lers Ros in the Tenderloin. I also suspect that you could find them at Duc Loi as well as other Asian/mex places in the Mission, but I haven't bought any there so I can't say for sure.

    New May Wah
    719 Clement St, San Francisco, CA

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      Thanks for the very helpful suggestions sfbing! I'll be hoping on the 1 to New May Wah today!

      New May Wah
      719 Clement St, San Francisco, CA