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Nov 9, 2009 11:02 AM

Got a recipe for Lemon Liquor?

When I was married, we used to make a home made Lemon Liquor from Everclear, sugar and lemon zest. When aged, it was great stuff. Mixed with Barenjager, the German Honey Liquor, it made the best Lemon & Honey for a cold you ever had in your life!!

My ex never gave me the recipe for the Lemon Liquor. Help anyone??

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  1. What you are describing is commonly referred to by it's Italian name "Limoncello."

    There are a lot of people who blog about "making Limoncello" and you can find them by googling those two words.

    There is also a pretty good thread about it here, in this thread...

    I never thought of mixing Limocello with Honey liqueur for a cold. I will have to give that a try.

    1. I'm curious what you mean by "when aged".

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        As I recall it recommended aging it a minimum of 3 months (knowing how good it was, it was always hard to not crack it open before then). I inherited a liter or so when we divorced, and it sat in boxes with my other bar remnants for 10 years. With that kind of aging, it was incredible.

        1. re: pyangas

          The lemon and sugar need the intital meceration, yes, but spirits don't age once they're in the bottle, save for a bit of evaporation.

      2. I make a simple version that I affectionately call "Kentucky Cognac". Get a glass jar with a lid and that has a mouth/opening wide enough to fit a piece of citrus. Put an upside down shot glass on the bottom of the jar and pour in 1 C of Everclear. Then put a piece of citrus (my fave is orange or lemon) and set it on the shot glass so that the fruit does not touch the Everclear. Put the lid on the jar and wait about a week. The fruit will 'sweat' its essential oils into the Everclear. After a week take out the fruit and add about 1 C of simple syrup. It tastes best for about a week and then the flavor intensity starts to diminish.