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Nov 9, 2009 11:00 AM

Sunday Brunch in western MontCo

Looking for a nice place to take the folks for brunch on Sunday, we'll also be celebrating a birthday. (4 adults, 1 toddler) Looking for a nice buffet and/or good menu options. Would prefer to stay in the Royersford/Collegeville/Skippack area, but willing to travel a bit further for something great.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. You are not in luck for this area (I live here, too). This area is god forsaken in terms of brunch. The only brunch I tried was Lakeside Inn on Ridge Pike (which I think has closed) and it was overpriced and awful. I only go to the William Penn Inn in Gwynned now for brunch. It is worth the 30 minute drive, your toddler will gorge on the sweets tray and be accomodated by the friendly staff and you will love the food and atmosphere.

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        If a non-buffet is ok, you cannot go wrong with Parc Bistro in Skippack.

      2. The Mainland Inn (Rt. 63 north of the Lansdale Tpk. exit) also has a great brunch.


        1. Thanks everyone. This was actually posted about a month ago, we went up to Bear Creek and had their Sunday buffet - it was really good. But these recs will definitely come in handy in the future!