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Nov 9, 2009 10:28 AM


has anyone heard about or tried janets jerk chicken in poughkeepsie?

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  1. Yes! We had a memorable meal there after one of our walks on the Walkway over the Hudson! We met Janet on the street as she was closing, and she warmly encouraged us to come back. So we did!
    Now, let's get this straight: it is a hole in the wall, in a tough neighborhood. But it is a wonderful hole. Janet is a gracious hostess who made us feel very welcome. Then she told us what to eat! My husband had oxtail stew, which was somewhat similar to short ribs. I had a chicken stew. Both included sides of braised veggies, and fried plantains. They were deliciious.
    They did not serve wine or beer (boo), but we enjoyed our dinner immensely. The menu includes lots of traditional Caribbean dishes such as curried goat, jerked chicken, etc.
    The bill for both of us, including soft drinks, was less that $25. We plan to go back. It is very close to the Walkway, on Washington Street.
    I am hoping that Washington Street becomes the new restaurant row! Go Janet! Go Poughkeepsie! Go Walkway!

    Janets Jerk Stop
    22 Academy St, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601