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Nov 9, 2009 10:24 AM

place to buy kosher wine 72nd st upper east side manhattan

Hi all

heading to an event on 71st st on the upper east side tonight (@ 2nd ave) and was wondering if there is anywhere right around there to pick up a bottle of at least halfway decent kosher wine? not familiar with the area.


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  1. Most liquor stores in NYC carry kosher wine well beyond the Manischewitz floor. You just have to find one.


      929 Lexington Ave (between 68 and 69
      )New York, NY 10065-5198
      (212) 772-3211

      1. i second garnet.. over on lex. if you happen to be a little farther up, on 77th and 3rd is mccabes
        1347 3rd Ave
        New York, NY 10021

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          thanks! garnet was right there when i got out of hte subway and they had some decent ones, worked out perfectly. although i have heard good thigns about mccabes...will check that out another time.