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Nov 9, 2009 10:13 AM

Cupcakes in Saskatoon

Two cupcake bakeries have opened in Saskatoon - I've tried them both but will refrain my posting my review until I hear what everyone else thinks!

So has anyone tried either the Cupcake Conspiracy (downtown) or the Cupcake Corner (8th street)?

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  1. Will be in Saskatoon the 1st and 15th of December and will try them. Have any other suggestions for good restaurants?

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      I personally prefer the Cupcake Conspiracy - more natural and interesting icing flavors. The flavor of the week is usually fascinating as well. Chocolate red wine is one of them for December.

      Restaurants: Bliss Fine Foods, Calories, Saskatoon Asian, Tusq - all highly recommended.

    2. Haven't been to either. But hard to think that any cupcake would replace the Russian pretzels from Traegar's as my favourite baked treat available in the City of Bridges.

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        1. I haven't been to the Cupcake Conspiracy but I have been to the Cupcake Corner on 8th Street. Unimpressed, to say the least. It's blatantly a franchise unpacked out of a box. You can get vanilla or chocolate cupcakes in two different sizes with eight equally bland kinds of icing. The only thing surprising about the experience how expensive it was.

          From what freelancer said, the Cupcake Conspiracy seems far more inventive and interesting.

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