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Nov 9, 2009 10:01 AM

[DFW] Five Restaurants That Pique My Interest in Arlington [DFW]

On my way down the back streets through Arlington to get to S. Arlington during the afternoon rush hour I noticed several retsaurants that I have 1) never seen any posts about or 2) have seen posts but need some more info about what to order. The restaurants are in order from north to south:

Pat's Cajun Seafood on Cooper just north of I-30
1826 N Cooper St, Arlington, TX
(817) 275-2612‎
Menu Link

Damian's Soul Cafe on 360 across the highway from the GM plant on Abram
185 S Watson Rd # 101, Arlington, TX‎
(817) 649-7770
I nearly ran off the road trying to spot this place as it is just off the NEC‎

Dino's Subs II on Collins just north of Arkansas
2221 S Collins St, Arlington, TX‎
(817) 274-1140‎
I have seen several reviews of the place on Yelp and I believe on CH. All of them seem to be positive. What do I need to order to get a great sub?

Catfish Floyd's on Collins (right next to Dino's) just north of Arkansas
901 E Arkansas Ln
Arlington, TX 76010-6401
(817) 548-7500
The place looks like a converted gas station. I have not heard a peep about the place and curious if it is any good. On my travels at say 5:30 pm on a Monday it was not busy, maybe one car. Is the catfish any good or are there any hidden gems on the menu? The owner seems to be a State Fair vendor and there is a second location on Ann Arbor in Dallas.

New York's Famous Pizza and Chicken on Cooper and Pioneer Pkwy (across Pioneer Pkwy from Half Price Books
)629 W Pioneer Pkwy
Arlington, TX 76010-5659
(817) 460-1234
This place is probably not that great but the claim to have famous pizza, chicken, burgers, etc etc. It has always caught my eye when I am in the area don't know why.

I have a number of other places but these are high on my curiosity list as of late. Any help would be appreciated

Pat's Cajun Seafood
1826 N Cooper St, Arlington, TX 76011

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  1. Damian's - Owner is there everyday serving his cajun soul food with a smile. I think he relocated here after Katrina. Menu is diverse, with several options per day, changing daily. Gumbo, etouffee, smothered pork chops, fried chicken, BBQ, multiple sides, etc. You could eat there a couple times a week and not get bored. Gumbo has the best flavor on any I've had in DFW. Though I think it could use some more proteins. It just has crawfish. Everything I have had here has been good to very good.

    Dino's - Sub shop that has been around for a long time. You can see photos of the subs and the menu at urbanspoon. I've only been there once. I think I had the #19 "The Dino". I remember it being good but not that memorable. Being from back east I prefer a crustier bread for my subs. There is a deli called NYPD at Industrial and 183 that I like better for subs. It is very much like the neighborhood deli's in NY. They use crusty sub/kaiser rolls and use Boar's Head meats.

    I have not tried the others. I think Catfish Floyd's will fry a Turkey for you during the holiday season.

    304 S Industrial Blvd, Euless, TX 76040

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    1. re: snatex

      Thanks snatex!

      I will give Damian's a go!

      I appreciate the honest on Dino's vs. NYPD. NYPD is actually closer to Lewisville than Dino's and I am in the fan club of a crustier bread also. I like my banh mi on the crispy side rather than chewy. I have passed by NYPD many times on my way into Arlingto to avoid the traffic on 360.

      The other three I haven't heard much about so I assume they don't have a big fan club.

      304 S Industrial Blvd, Euless, TX 76040

    2. I've been to Pat's a couple times, but haven't been since before crawfish season this year. I believe the owners are from Lafayette. Etoufees were average, nothing to write home about. The fried shrimp weren't tough and had a light batter, no cornmeal. The po-boys, eh. The bread tastes like a supermarket brand. You do get plenty for your money though. My dad said the oysters are hit or miss. Red beans were served with most of the beans intact, i.e., not creamy. They were flavored well, but I prefer mine creamier. I can't remember much about the sausage other than it was smoked, not spicy and was served on the side.

      1. I grew up in Arlington and Dino's was the place for date night. Back in the day it was the Dino's location near Six Flags Mall which is now long gone :( I still make a point of going to Dino's whenever I'm anywhere near the Collins/Arkansas area in Arlington. Much to the chagrin of my husband, the baguette enthusiast, I don't like super-crusty bread because it tears up the inside of my mouth. I personally love the tasty bread at Dino's. And their cheese and cold cuts are top quality and sliced to order. Yum, makes my mouth water just thinking about it!