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Nov 9, 2009 09:32 AM

Brunch at Redhead = skip.

I was thrilled that Redhead started offering brunch so that I could go at a at a time without 2 hour waits. What we got, sadly, was not inspiring or even that tasty. The $18 steak plate was doused in a slightly sour marinade and it was way overcooked while the cinnamon graham pancakes that I got were four small pancakes that were not that tasty - think of stale cinnamon grahams bears and you'll get the flavor. Plus they were topped with four very thin slices of pear, all for $14, for ingredients that maybe cost $3. It looked like other people around me hadn't even bothered finishing the small amount of pancakes on the plate.

The Smith does a much better job with giving you a decent value proposition for brunch, even though most brunch prices are slightly jacked up anyway.

I would definitely go back for dinner, but I really hope that they get their brunch options together and change up the menu.

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  1. Interesting. We went there yesterday and had a very nice brunch. She got the posole, about which the only complaint was it wasn't very filling. I wasn't hungry and just got the seafood gumbo appetizer. I thought they were both very good. Oh, and we enjoyed their bloody mary, which they flavor with Sriracha rather than Tabasco.

    No complaints here. But we had different dishes. I might have felt differently if I'd ordered what you did.