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Nov 9, 2009 06:46 AM

Best mole in the city

I am on a quest for a dark alchemically distilled mexican chocolate based mole that does not know from a can. The real thing please. I have had New York pseudo-mole enough thank you. When I was in Mexico City I had the real thing and I can't go back. It is only right that we should have this in our fair city. It is only proper. So where is it? I am asking in the outer boroughs board because I assume the answer will be either in Queens or Sunset Park, but maybe I am wrong.

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  1. Have you tried El Coyote on Graham? I noticed they listed serving a family recipe mole on their enchiladas last night . I mention it because I believe you are a big fan of De Mole, and while having had only one meal at El Coyote, it made me think of De Mole (a bit more small plate in effect at El Coyote, but far from haute cusing or over bearing). I will be going back again.

    I could not comment on the actual mole there.

    De Mole
    45-02 48th Ave, Queens, NY 11377

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    1. re: dhs

      Making the kind of mole I am thinking of is so complex and takes so long. Family recipe sounds good. I will check it out!

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        Where on Graham is this El Coyote? Is it in any way affiliated with the one recently closed in Jamaica or the one currently open in Jackson Heights?

        El Coyote
        80-18 Northern Blvd, Queens, NY 11372

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          I apologize. It is not named El Coyote. I was sooo sure that was the name I did not look it up before posting.

          I tried a quick search to find the name and could not figure it out just now. Maybe you or someone else will know it by location. It is next to the new Sel De Mer, and about equal in age (a few months old). There is a coyote, I believe, on the sign/logo but might be a wolf.

          1. re: dhs

            The correct restaurant I wanted to refer to is

            Mesa Coyoacan, 372 Graham Ave 11211, about a block east of Metropolitan

            Mesa Coyoacan
            372 Graham Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

      2. bottom line: this is not D.F.
        I hope you brought some mole paste home from the marketplaces of Mexico City. It freezes really well. I dole mine out slowly, a little goes a long long way. You can make it with recipes from Rick Bayless or Diana Kennedy, but the more obscure ingredients aren't even available here AND the multiday committment to the alchemy of toasting, burning, stewing, grinding...oy.

        I had pretty nice mole at Alma on Columbia St, but it's been a few years. It's a nice restaurant, and it gets alot of sh*t on this board for charging nice restaurant prices.

        For cheap bets, there's some pretty nice tamales with mole inside -- the classic being the Oaxaquenos at Rico Tamales on 5th Ave (47th St?) in Sunset Park.

        Good luck -- hope something else has cropped up since I made the NYC rounds after a Mexico City trip . . .

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        1. re: pitu

          Is freezing of mole necessary? I've had mole pastes in my fridge for quite some time without any detriment. Or is there some unknown danger that I'm not aware of (kind of like vacuum sealing garlic is a no-no)?

          NYjewboy, while not located in NYC, I placed a post a few days ago about Guelatzaga now doing mail order.

          I will say that I never received my Email confirmation with my order (and haven't received my order yet). I've called, spoken with somebody and was told that another person would call me back. This was three days ago.

          1. re: Miss Needle

            I keep mine in the refrigerator as well Miss_Needle, and am unaware of any potential dangers associated with doing so. I would be interested to hear of any evidence in favor of freezing.

            1. re: Miss Needle

              Just wanted to report back and say that I called them again. Seems that my order was kind of lost in the shuffle. Hopefully I'll be getting my tubs of mole soon. The woman said there was a delay with the shipping of moles from Oaxaca. Apparently they're not made at the restaurant. I'll report back on the other thread when I receive them to let you guys know if they're the same ones I've always purchased in the past.

              1. re: Miss Needle

                MissNeedle, no idea. It's just what I do. I'm sooooo not a *food safety* person!
                : )

            2. Nixtamal in Corona is worth a try. Their mole poblano is based on a tried and true family recipe - Fernando's uncle as I recall is the in-house master - and is very very good. This is as close to the quality more widely available in Chicago and LA as I've found here.

              1. I'm no mole expert, but I know I've had lots of bad or mediocre mole over the years. Last winter I tried it at Superior in Williamsburg and was was delicious. Rich yet restrained, complex yet grounded in traditional flavors. It took me forever to eat because the flavors were so interesting. Now, the one thing I've found over there is that their cooking can be a little inconstant...but I'd give it a shot. They took it off the menu for summer, but with the cold weather returning, I'm sure it'll be back soon.

                La Superior
                295 Berry St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

                1. I highly recommend the out of the way and underappreciated Sunset Park gem Santaguito ((6220 5th Ave, off the 59th Street N and R stop). They are a no frills family-run spot on the far fringes of the 5th Avenue strip with the best mole enchiladas I've had outside of street stalls in Mexico City. Sweet but not too sweet, thick and rich and unforgettable. The mole enchiladas aren't on the menu, but most days they'll be glad to make them. The rest of the menu isn't bad either.

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                    I keep mine in the fridge and it seems like it will keep forever. I had a huge tub I brought back from Oaxaca (La Soledad) for at least three years in the fridge (sadly, it is now gone.) I still have a small jar from Mayordomo which I just opened, but its not as good as the Soledad. I will definitely have to check out this Guelatzaga mail-order, thanks for the link! Would love to find a really authentic Oaxacan mole here!