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Nov 9, 2009 06:14 AM

Barcelona: pls advise on markets, specialties for xmas period

Dear Barça mavens,

We are returning to Barcelona for xmas-new year and need your lumière;

- which market?
We will be staying in the Born. Of course the Boqueria is a must, it is our Hadj. But we have also visited the Santa Caterina market several times and liked its fares and its less frentic atmosphere. And it is of course nearer for us. How do you compare the two?

- which dishes?
Could you recommend some winter specialties and recipes? We love to cook. On our holiday, our top thrill is to get local seasonal specialties and cook at home. Relatively simple recipes of course. After all it is our holiday we do not want to spend all day in the kitchen. We are very keen to try some fideu dishes and some razor clam dishes.

- Other tips?

Merci for sharing…

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  1. Just got back from Barcelona two days ago. Like you said Boqueria is a must and eating at Pinotxo Bar was one of the highlights of my trip. But it is right off the Rambla and it is packed with tourists, both of which are strikes against it in retrospect. Without a recommendation from the owners of Cinc Sentits, I likely wouldn't have visted the Santa Caterina market. But I did and preferred it over the boqueria because: 1) it's less crowded, 2) it's primarily locals out shopping, and 3) the people we came across were extremely nice and accomodating (not something that can be said of all Barcelonans - hey, it's a big city so I understand).