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A modest Thanksgiving out for two

Anyone have any ideas for a nice place to go for Thanksgiving? There will just be two of us, and we don't need lots of fanfare or an elaborate meal. Just a pleasant environment with some good food. Not too expensive... we won't be drinking, so maybe $30 per person. Downtown is preferable... but we're willing to travel for the right place. Thanks for any thoughts you have.

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  1. I'm sure other folks will be able to give you more specific recs, but OpenTable has a nice list of restaurants that are even open on Thanksgiving 2009.


    I've only ever gone to Craftsteak for Thanksgiving, which was very good but also very pricey.

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      Thanks. I did take a look at Open Table, but for the most part it was a bit pricey. Might just be the only game in town on Thanksgiving.

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        Marseille has a 3-course prix fixe for $36.50. I had TG dinner there a few years back and while it was not remarkable, it was good and the atmosphere was nice. Service was good, too.

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          Thanks, I'll check out Marseille. I'm also thinking that doing a non traditional "ethnic" meal might be a good option.

    2. According to Serious Eats, Casimir would hit your price point (most other places don't), but I've never eaten then so I can't comment on the food itself.

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        Thanks for the recommendation. Casimir looks a little uninspiring, but I guess at that price point we aren't going to be wowed. I've posted on the Outer Borough board looking for something that might be a bit more fun and non-traditional, as I don't think we'll get much in the way of a traditional meal for that price. Who needs turkey anyway!

      2. I was just over on the west side and noticed that Josephina (on B'way across from Lincoln Center has a T'day Prix Fixe at $39, excluding tax and tip. While over you original requested price point, it's one of the more reasonable offerings I've seen for a well located resto on T'day.

        1. I just looked at Open Table and there seem to be 2 main price points, $39.95 and $70ish.

          So 30 would be hard but there is a lot at $39 before tax and tip... so $50 all in

          1. Amy Ruth's in Harlem has what looks to be a very nice meal for less than 30 bucks, and everyone I talked to there was so friendly - no reservations...

            unfortunately my MOTHER-IN-LAW DOES have reservations...about Amy Ruths! which has me in a non-holiday mood, so I'm off to inquire about other choices.

            she has it in her head that we should go to EJ's Luncheonette, which is 16 bucks. But when I was arguing against it (b/c I wanted to go to Amy Ruths) she suddenly attached to Nick's, a Greek Place which will cost double. Oh my.

            Maybe I need some outer borough suggestions too....

            Amy Ruth's
            113 W 116th St, New York, NY 10026

            EJ's Luncheonette
            1271 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10021

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              Ayun, EJ's and Amy Ruth's are open for Thanksgiving?

              Amy Ruth's
              113 W 116th St, New York, NY 10026

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                yes, funniduck, they're both open - neither take reservations, though. I think I may try to see if the lady would be amenable to being hauled down to casimir on ave B, also open, and w/in my purse at 19.95 a person.

            2. You may want to check and see if Tavern on Jane is open on Thanksgiving. To me, it epitomizes the pleasant and inexpensive downtown restaurant.

              Tavern on Jane
              31 8th Ave, New York, NY 10014

              1. Lansky's offers a Thanksgiving meal for about 25 bucks. I've only eaten there once, for breakfast. It was only okay but I read at least one more recent, quite positive 'Hound review. I think the menu looks pretty decent. And while the decor isn't anything special, I recall the service was warm and pleasant. Maybe it could work for you.


                Lansky's Old World Deli
                235 Columbus Ave, New York, NY 10023

                1. Opentable doesn't specify how much the T-giving meal at Mercer Kitchen is, but in general, it's a solid place for food (though it can be a bit annoyingly sceney). The Smith is also solid. Both are downtown.

                  Kefi, on the UWS, is also generally good, though I've noticed some problems with oversalting in the past few months.

                  Kefi and the Smith fall within your budget (about $26 and $21, respectively).

                  Mercer Kitchen
                  99 Prince Street, New York, NY 10012

                  505 Columbus Avenue, New York, NY 10024

                  1. I"m hopping back on in case someone is searching this convo for thanksgiving 2010. Caisimir was just what the doctor ordered - French bistro, with dinner about 19 bucks if memory serves. delicious roast butternut squash, green beans, roast turkey, pumpkin pie. (my son had a hamburger and was very pleased with his choice) The staff was very warm, as was the atmosphere. None of that stick up the heiner holiday formality (that leads to those 72 dollar prix fixe)

                    and next door, Handsome Dick Manitoba was offering free pie w/ happy hour! If I didn't have mother in law and kids in tow, I would have totally gone there.