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Nov 9, 2009 04:42 AM

Dos Toros- new taco/burrito joint in Union Square

I stopped by here last night after watching the pitiful Giants.

The original description sounded promising. 2 brothers from Cali opening a taco/burrito place with a big focus on fresh ingredients and flavors.

We got one pork and one chicken taco. It was pretty standard. Not much different from Chipotle, but no cilantro lime rice.

So for those of you that don't like Chipotle's rice, you will like this place, otherwise its another Mexican in NYC fail.

Dos Toros
137 4th Ave, New York, NY 10003

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  1. I totally disagree. The steak is very, very good. And the quesadillas are the hidden treasure here. I had their "basic" quesadilla last night (no meat) and it was magic. It even great several hours later. And I've never thought of quesadillas as anything special, but they've made it so.

    1. If you think this place isn't much different from a Chipotle, you aren't paying attention. For one thing, they actually melt the cheese on the tortilla, which is the key to a great Mission-style burrito, and which Chipotle fails to do. Second, cilantro and lime have no business in rice -- one of the main problems with Chipotle. Third, you should really order the burritos, which are what SF is known for (Dos Toros is modeled on Gordo Taqueria).

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        >Second, cilantro and lime have no business in rice


        1. re: hon

          Sorry, I was being a little flip. I don't think cilantro and lime have any business on burrito rice because it throws off the flavor profile, imo. Chipotle purports to be inspired by Mission style burritos, but you'll never find cilantro-lime rice in a Mission place. It's all variations on Spanish rice. I really wish Dos Toros had existed when I lived in Manhattan. In fact, I wouldn't mind if they opened one up in LA lol!

        2. re: a_and_w

          Gordo is really the only place in SF that's known for melting a slice of cheese in their tortilla (maybe La Cumbre, or La Taquiria do it too, but not sure). I agree this place has some similarities. I thought the owners were actually from San DIego, for some reason though.

          Tacos are very generous with fillings, and pretty hefty. It's pretty darn good, and an improvement over most any other option in Manhattan.

          1. re: sugartoof

            Yes, La Cumbre, La Taqueria, and Gordo all melt slices of cheese, but even places that don't use slices will melt their cheese on the tortilla. Anway, I'm pretty sure the Dos Toros guys are related with Gordo, which has spawned a number of East Coast clones, particularly in the Boston area.

        3. I think the tacos are the weakest of the three offerings. The quesadillas are fantastic, and while I haven't had the burrito yet, my husband swears it's the first good one he's had since we left CA 5 years ago. Even the tacos do use well above-average ingredients, though. Rarely have I had chicken in a quesadilla that actually caught my attention b/c it was delicious (a great balance of char and moistness)

          1. completely disagree...Dos Toros is not up there with the greatest mission style buritos from SF yet, what...They are the best burritos this town (which has been sorely lacking forever) has to offer, bar none.

            The guys that opened this place are young, inexperienced and trying to be successful in the big city during a recession....give them a break and stop calling for their demise because you like Chipolte better. And besides judging by the lines they ain't gonna fail....

            1. Ugh. Dos Toros was one of my greatest disappointments in the last several months. I got a chicken quesadilla, which Serious Eats gave a big thumbs up to, and found it to be entirely underwhelming. It just didn't have the magic mojo of solid Mexican cuisine.
              It's back to Queens and Sunset Park for my Mexican vittles...