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Nov 9, 2009 04:27 AM

Refrigerated scones - once the package is open, should I bake them all?

I picked up a tube of Immaculate Baking scones in the refrigerated aisle to try (the tube is a cardboard one like Pillsbury and other refrigerated dough makers use). Once I open it, can I keep some of the scones to bake later? If so, how long?

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  1. Immaculate Baking's website only addresses keeping their cookie dough, but this from the Pillsbury site would seem to be relevant:

    "Opening the can of biscuits activates the leavening that causes the dough to rise. After the can is open, the dough can be covered with plastic wrap and refrigerated for up to two hours before baking. After two hours, the dough will begin to deteriorate."

    I've kept Pillsbury biscuit dough for a short time after opening, and the biscuits baked later never rise quite as high as those baked fresh.

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      I can vouch for this. Once I baked half a "tube" of crescent rolls and saved the rest in the fridge. The next day, the saved half did not rise up as much. :-(

      Bake all the scones and freeze the ones you can't eat right away.