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Nov 9, 2009 03:37 AM

Pizza/Crab-cake place off of I-95 in North Maryland

About 5 years ago I saw a post here about a Pizza place in a strip-mall off of I-95 that served great crab-cakes. I went there back then, and loved it. Now I can not find the post and do not remember which exit to get off at. I'm taking a trip down I-95 and would love to stop there again. It was about a mile from an exit. I went to the west then made a right up a hill. The strip-mall was on the right. If anyone knows the exit and the name of the place, I would be grateful.

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  1. Box Hill's at 2915 Emmorton Road in Abingdon, MD(basically at the Edgewater exit)

    1. Also at exit 85 Route 543 is Riverside Pizzaria.

      1. I agree that Box Hill is what you are thinking of. The Abingdon location is off the Bel Air/ Edgewood exit - going towards Bel Air, you need to turn of rt 24 to make a right on Emmorton Road. The strip mall will be on the right. Off 543, the strip mall is on the left.

        1. Although Box Hill Pizzeria is the one famous for their crabcakes, the same family owns Riverside Pizzeria and the cakes are supposed to be just the same.

          1. Thank You All for your help.
            I'm now looking forward to some good eats during my journey.