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Nov 8, 2009 09:32 PM

Albany: La Bedaine Cuisine de l'atelier?

Moving in the spot once occupied by Lola's

Anyone have info aout it.

L'atelier is a workshop.

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  1. I spoke with one of the owners, who told me this place is opening today (11/11). She said they will offer French food to go, including pastries, charcuterie, and cooked food such as onion soup and coq au vin.

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    1. re: amydeastbay

      I poked my head in during my late afternoon break today and saw behind the glass counter vacuum sealed charcuterie, terraines, onion soup, coq au vin. Made to take home and reheat in your own pot or sous vide i suppose. Also available was pre-made french style sandwiches, on french baguettes, with various charcuterie filling and cheese.

      There was one pastry/tart left behind the glass that looked tasty and a basket of fresh baked croissants on the counter. prices looked reasonable. $6 for the sandwich (i didn't measure but it looked like around 8-10" long), tart was $2 i think, croissant was $1.50, and I'm pretty sure everything else behind the glass was under $6 for that matter. I'll double check again tomorrow and report back.

      1. re: nicedragonboy

        I popped in today. The owner is French and if you pronounce your response to his "bonjour" correctly, the conversation will continue in French. Samples of pork rillettes and especially wild boar pate with pistachios were excellent. I think the packaged main dishes were around $8.50, but the portions looked generous. He said that the vacuum-packed dishes would be ok in the fridge for a couple of weeks, unopened.

        I guess the pastries were made in-house; bread for the samples was Acme.

        1. re: ernie in berkeley

          Stopped by this afternoon and had the chicken chausser for dinner. Since this ceases to be an inquiry, I started a new report ... also the city is wrong in this topic

          Berkeley: La Bedaine - Reasonably-priced French pastries, house-made smoked sasusages, pates and French dinners to go

          Also, this isn't aimed at you or anyone in this post ... but for heaven's sake BUY something. The prices are reasonable and $1.50 will get you a brioche or croiissant.

          While I was in the shop, four people dropped in and bought NOTHING. They chatted it up, introduced themselves, wished the owner luck and said they would be back.

          La Bedaine
          1585 Solano Ave, Berkeley, CA 94706

    2. Stopped by today for a sandwich, wich they were in the process of making. I chose to get the wild boar terrine sandwich. It came with a generous portion of said terrine (wonderful), some arugula, mustard and tomato slices (wich i didn't care for) on a decent artisan baguette (8" long if I were to guess). Overall, a good sandwich for the price $6.

      On the counter in a basket were again fresh croissants and next to those, some irresistable brioche muffins for $1! I also got one of those and had it with some homemade pineapple/pear jam that I have in my office. Light and just ever so slightly sweet was the brioche.

      In addition to the wild boar terrine sandwich, the chef was preparing ham and cheese and I believe pork rillette sandwiches. The lady/owner behind the counter let me sample the wild boar first and I instantly chose that one. Will have to come back to try the others.