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Nov 8, 2009 08:34 PM

Best private kitchens in Hong Kong?

So I was curious what you consider the best private kitchen in Hong Kong. I'm flexible with the cuisine as long as the food is tasty. My objective is really to take my American friend to 1-2 really good private kitchens in December since they don't really have that in the US.

For those of you interested in trying a Japanese private kitchen in HK I went to one that was pretty good the other day called 南麓俱樂部 (there's no English name). Just an FYI: the 14 courses took about 4 hours and you're sitting on the floor the entire time. Here's the listing on Openrice (along with my review) if you are interested:

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  1. great write up! I have just jotted down this place on my soon-to-visit restaurants!

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      Thanks Jason! I actually follow your blog quite regularly since I just moved back from New York City. Any private kitchen recommendations? Looking for a good place that is a little less commercialized.

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      1. Curious, are many private kitchens cash only? I saw that on the review site, and since I tend to think of private kitchens as usually high-end experiences, the cash only caught me by surprise. I know HK in general (and much of Asia) is not as credit-card reliant anyway, but this surprised me.

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          Well it depends. I think a lot of private kitchens are commercialized now and probably have set up a credit card system. The other 'true' private kitchens work on a much smaller scale and it probably doesn't make as much sense for them to set up a credit card system.