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Nov 8, 2009 07:47 PM

Good deal in Charleston SC you may not have heard of

The main dining facility at College of Charleston is available to everyone. It is all-you-can-eat, including beverages, is very varied (there are six stations, including a soup, salad, and sandwich bar, American grill, international grill, Southern grill, a pizza and pasta section, and dessert bar) and is quite reasonably priced, though the food isn't exactly overwhelming. It is $6.50 for breakfast, $8.50 for lunch, and $9.50 for dinner. Menus are on CofC web site.

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  1. Have to repeat that the food really isn't very good, but it is certainly cheap for all-you-can-eat.

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      MMM, a cheap hog trough serving mediocre food. Exactly what I look for in Chucktown. Yummo! Can't wait!

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        Thank you for your unnecessary comment. For residents, it definitely would be useful, as it is inexpensive and very varied, and the food isn't terrible, I'm just saying it isn't really noteworthy...unless you would rather have 15-20 dollar lunches at Magnolia's every day. Meanwhile, $8.50 at the Liberty Street Fresh Food Company would get you unlimited deli sandwiches, chips, drinks, and cookies, and everything else they are serving, which would be the same price at any sandwich shop for a single serving.

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        It's not terrible, it's just not outstanding.

      3. I had a big bowl of chicken gumbo, four hefty chicken fingers, a salisbury steak with some creamed corn and collard greens, a small quesadilla, a big bowl of pasta with meat sauce, a nice piece of pecan pie, and a cool Coke...for $9.50. And I didn't even try all there was.

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          Is it better than a Golden Corral?

        2. As an alumni of the C of C, I can say that the only meal I would consider eating in the cafeteria is breakfast- as early as you can get there. For the first hour or so (if they still do it), they do custom omelettes made by nice ladies speaking mostly the local Gullah dialect, and have plenty of tasty sides like good yogurt and buttery cinnamon grits. A chance to meet real locals that don't deal with tourists all day. I transferred from Texas, and the cafeteria was at least 10x better. Of course, I was from Minnesota, so I had no idea what the ladies were saying for a while. Just smile and nod. The rest of the meals there are ok for student fuel, but not worth chasing down.

          Now, the chili at Jack's Cafe just a little down George Street... THAT is worth pursuing.

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            The current situation may be different since this facility was established in 2007.

          2. This is an excellent topic, one I have hoped would be raised for some time now....