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Nov 8, 2009 07:04 PM

Geneva - Saturday dinner. Anything new?

Bon jour,
For a dinner this Saturday in Geneva, I'm thinking of these places gleaned from the archives. What would you suggest? Anything new?

Chez Jacky for lunch
Les Cepages and Brasserie de l'Hotel de Ville for dinner
Soup├žon, 8, place du Bourg-de-Four, 1204, in the old city of Geneva


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  1. While not new, Bistrot Dumas (Avenue Dumas 7 in Champel) serves pleasant Lyonnaise cuisine and the dinning room feels tres French.

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    1. re: S_B_Russell

      Thanks, SB! That sounds just fine. If we get there, I'll be back here with our comments.

      1. re: janet T

        We ended up at Cafe du centre nearby the hotel. It wasn't that great. Next time I'd venture further from town. In case it''s useful, some locals recommended:
        Le lexique - bistro
        Le Carnivore - meat, rustic
        Chatt Botte - michilen star at a fancy hotel (Beau Visage? on the lake)

        thanks anyway for the Dumas tip, SB!