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Nov 8, 2009 06:33 PM

lake Forest, Costa Mesa, Newport

Where are some decent lunch places in this area? Have to be here for business for 3 weeks. Dinner recommendations would be welcome, too. Dinner can be Buena Park, Fountain Valley, Westminster, Garden Grove and any of the beach areas. Love Vietnamese, Mexican, Korean and Middle Eastern. Thanks!

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  1. Here are some prior threads that will cover a wide swath of the OC. For Vietnamese you can't do better than getting a reply from Das Ubergeek (who hopefully will notice your post and chime in at some point). You also might google for a very excellent OC food blog by Elmomonster who provides lots of great OC eating ideas and wonderful photos of the food as well.

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      Thanks so much! I tried a search, but I think I was not specific enough. This will be a great help!

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          For VN food, in the Brookhurst/ Bolsa area, check out Quan Hy (9727 Bolsa, Westmininster 714-775-7179. Their banh beo are the best!

          Quan Hy Restaurant
          9727 Bolsa Ave, Westminster, CA 92683